My first post!

seriesofunfortunateeventsBook 1: The Bad Beginning

Hello readers!

The first books I am going to tell you about are called A Series of Unfortunate Events. Quite a mouthful isn’t it? This series is by a man with a strange name… Lemony Snicket. Let me tell you about this first book, The Bad Beginning.

Three children are orphaned, Violet, Klaus (sounds like Klows, I got it wrong the first time too!) and Sunny Baudelaire, when their mansion suddenly sets fire and their parents perish along with many of their belongings. They are taken to a distant relative named Count Olaf with a creepy tattoo on his left ankle of an eye and he treats them like slaves! He makes the children scrub the floors, wash the dishes, clean the windows and one day he even slapped Klaus around the face!

The children wish they could live with Count Olaf’s neighbour, Justice Strauss, because she is the complete opposite of him. He is an actor and an up coming play needs the help of the orphans. You see, all the Count wants is the enormous fortune of the Baudelaires and by marrying Violet he can get his hands on it. So he makes Violet a bride and Klaus a part of the audience at the wedding. But he locked up Sunny in a cage so that if Violet did not say ‘I do’ he would tell one of his evil companions to drop the cage (it’s very high up at the top of a tower). But Violet has a cunning plan and when it comes to signing the paper she writes with her left hand and not her right so the marriage is not official. Count Olaf then escapes before he is caught and it’s off to the next guardian for the orphans!

I think all of the characters have very peculiar names. I mean Justice Strauss? What kind of name is that? But she does remind me of my mum! Anyhow I enjoyed reading this book but personally it’s a bit boring and it’s not my favourite. Lemony Snicket is a good author and one thing he does in his books is write strange words and then say ‘which here means…’ whatever it means and that can help your education too. Once I bought a notebook and I wrote down some of the words and what they meant and stuck them in alphabetical order across the under side of my bunk-bed. Sorry I have to go and have my breakfast now so bye!


2 thoughts on “My first post!

  1. Thank you for your book review. I completely agree with you. The author seems to have some very original ideas, but his writing style did not really deliver on the promising plot…but I have to say that the film was a masterpiece. It was so visually appealing. Beautiful. I look forward to reading your next book review. Keep it up!

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    • Thank you for commenting! Yes, Lemony Snicket is quite… strange. I didn’t enjoy the film as much as the book because it ruined the way I pictured the characters, but it still is a good film. Thanks!
      Best wishes,


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