Slithering Snakes

Book 2: The Reptile Room

Hello again everyone!

The next book in the line of A Series of Unfortunate Events is called The Reptile Room

After the whole Count Olaf incident, the orphans have their eyes peeled for any signs of the villain. They are sent to another unknown relative who, fortunately, is very kind and sweet to the children. This is Dr. Montgomery Montgomery also known as Uncle Monty who is a herpetologist- which here means “someone who works with snakes and reptiles”- and owns a big room full of reptiles.

The Baudelaire orphans and The Incredibly Deadly Viper
The Baudelaire orphans and The Incredibly Deadly Viper

Their Uncle discovered a snake he named ‘The Incredibly Deadly Viper’ but in fact it was one of the most harmless reptiles on the planet! Then along came Count Olaf but this time in a disguise. Uncle Monty does realize but he thinks he’s a part of a herpetologist society but he is not. Sadly another unfortunate event occurs but I was told not to spoil it so you’ll have to read the book yourself… (Recommend 8+ years for this series because it’s quite depressing in places.)

The Incredibly Deadly Viper also appears in the last volume, ‘The End’ and his name is Ink. No! I can’t talk about the last book now; that is for my final blog post on the series of unfortunate events! Tut, tut…

Did you know that I’ve held two living snakes before at school? They’re a tiny bit slimy but they’re also silky and scaly. You know sometimes snakes make their body go up and down in the shape of hills? Well, you have to hold them by the top of the hilly bits… do you get it? One of the snakes even started slithering up a teacher’s arm!

There are some goods parts in this book like when Violet uses her inventive brain to hack into a padlock, but still it was not my favourite. I think it gets better and much more interesting nearer the end of the books. In fact I only just recently finished the last book, which I will blog about soon, and it’s very exciting! But number 8, 9, 10 and 12 are a tiny bit better…


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