Klaus is hypnotized…

Book 4: The Miserable Mill (buy the book here)

Hi everyone!

The next stop for the Baudelaires: Lucky Smells Lumbermill…

In this book Violet, Klaus and Sunny live in a small village called Paltryville. The mill they work in is terrible! There are no windows in the dormitory but felt tip drawn ones on the walls, they call ‘gum’ lunch, they are only payed in coupons and on top of everything else they have the worst foreman in the world! Foreman Flacutono. One morning he trips Klaus up which shatters his glasses and has to be taken to the opticians! (Klaus has glasses by the way.) But when he comes back from the eye test with his brand new glasses he is dazed and confused and keeps saying “Yes Sir” to all his sisters say! Then the next day he smashed down a piece of stone on a very optimistic-which means ‘someone who looks on the bright side of everything’- friend of theirs with a big machine and Phil (the optimistic guy) has to be taken to hospital! The foreman trips Klaus again and he is taken to the opticians again and Count Olaf is the receptionist there! Next Violet and Sunny discover Klaus is being hypnotized and he is forced to slice the boss’s assistant in two with a saw and……. *breath* There’s so much to say you’ll have to find out for yourself!


This one I quite enjoyed with its saw cutting and gum chewing! In it, the boss, who’s name is so complicated everyone calls him ‘Sir’, has a cloud of smoke covering his whole head and the Baudelaires never, ever see his actual facial features but… come a bit closer, let me whisper it…… he does appear in number 12 and Charles his assistant and Phil appears in number 11 but that’s for another blog post so don’t tell anyone I spoiled it a tiny bit, OK? Is spoiled spoiled or spoilt? There’s a red line under spoilt….. I don’t know. Do you?

I wish they could make another film but this book is all about Klaus and his glasses but in the film Klaus only has reading glasses! I don’t like how in films they always change it so there are more differences then similarities. I think the book is better than the film. It always is. Well, not always but sometimes. I think it’s because in the book the author adds the characters feelings and emotions. The author is the narrator and he/she knows everything that happens and can explain a lot of things to us we don’t understand in the film. Lemony Snicket does that a lot in his books. He also gives examples. Once he was explaining deja vu (which is a french word) and he wrote the description about it then when I turned the page it was exactly the same! He’s a very clever writer!


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