Prufrock Prep

Book 5: The Austere Academy (buy the book here)

Hi all!

The Baudelaires never thought that in the next book they’d end up in a boarding school with so many strict, cruel rules such as Prufrock Preparatory School…

At Prufrock Prep Violet, Klaus and Sunny are so very lucky to bump into two students Duncan and Isadora Quagmire, part of a set of triplets, with not so different lives from themselves. They become close as family until Count Olaf comes along dressed as a gym teacher forcing the Baudelaires to run laps every night ’till the crack of dawn. Fixing this problem is difficult. Finally Duncan comes up with a plan for him and Isadora to dress up as Violet and Klaus with Sunny as a bag of flour and run their laps whilst the real Baudelaires study for the tests they have to catch up on for they were too tired to do it in class. It sounds very risky. Will the plan work or will Count Olaf catch the Quagmires?

A lot of people from these books return in another book from the series e.g. the Quagmires, the principal Nero, Mr Remora and Mrs Bass and a very unpleasant child indeed… In number 12 there’s a big gathering with at least one person from each other book! Oops! Did I just say that out loud? Why do I keep spoiling it??!!

Welcome to the show! The Awful Teachers of Prufrock Prep:

Vice Principal Nero

Vice Principal Nero has small strands of hair that he puts up in pony tails, he thinks he’s the world’s best violinist when he doesn’t even know how to play it, he is cruel and makes up terrible rules about not having cutlery when you eat and he always copies what you say in a high pitched voice which, for the Baudelaires, I bet is so very annoying. That is why I think he should not be qualified as a principal!

Mr Remora

Mr Remora eating a banana
Mr Remora eating a banana

Mr Remora is like an overgrown monkey! He eats bananas, getting it smeared all over his mouth and mustache and then he drops the banana peels on the floor of the classroom!! But his lessons are even worse! They’re dull and boring because all he does is tell dull and boring stories which are only two lines long!

Mrs Bass

Miss Bass is madly obsessed with the metric system-which here means “a system of measuring”-and she makes all her students measure objects daily and all she does is just write the measurements, that the students call out once they’ve discovered it, on the chalkboard! Not one of these people should even be anywhere near a school, never mind working in one!!!

The End

Again, Lemony adds strange and unfamiliar names in his books. He also uses clever words in book titles. This book, as you know, is called ‘The Austere Academy’. I’m not completely sure what ‘austere’ means (the computer didn’t put a red line under it so I’m guessing it’s a real word) but according to some of his other book titles (for instance ‘The BAD Beginning’ and ‘The MISERABLE Mill’) I’m pretty sure it’s a form of insult or disgust to what it’s describing which is usually the case in Lemony’s books. But you’ll have to wait and see the next book in the series I’m blogging about. That has a very strange name indeed.


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