Book 6: The Ersatz Elevator (buy the book here)

Hello readers!

At the very top of 667 Dark Avenue lives the fashionable and stylish Esme and Jerome Squalor, the Baudelaires’ new guardians…

Olaf as Gunther
Olaf as Gunther

Violet, Klaus and Sunny are exhausted after walking up a very high staircase to get to their new home. Almost as soon as they had had a cup of tea in walks Count Olaf with a strange foreign accent as part of his disguise as Gunther the in auction manager. The next day the Baudelaires try to figure out what he’s up to, searching the whole penthouse and the whole building but he still is nowhere to be found. But a strange thing is wrong with the elevators at the top. One goes down but the other goes down and up. They press the up button and the doors open to just an empty hole… no lift or ropes or anything like that. They make a sort of rope and climb down. When they reach the bottom they find the Quagmires locked in a cage and they explain to the Baudelaires that Olaf is going to smuggle them out of the city. The Baudelaires go back up to make something to unlock the cage. But when they come the Quagmires are gone…

I’ve only told you half of the book so you’ll have to find out the rest yourself.

I told you it had a strange name! It explains in the book that the word ‘ersatz’ means someone or something pretending to be someone or something else. Like the word ‘impostor’. The secret passage way they had discovered was pretending to be a lift.

I quite enjoyed this book, and I was so pleased when they found Duncan and Isadora Quagmire at the bottom of the elevator shaft! I nearly cried in number 5 when they were taken away by Olaf! A red herring, which if you don’t know the meaning of already, is when you are certain something is something and then you realize you were wrong and everyone laughs at you. Well there is one in this book when the Quagmires are smuggled out of the city. But you’ll have to find out yourself and then you can read the other bits I’ve missed out (there’s a lot of those) but Lemony probably advises you not to, though I don’t exactly listen to what he says about it being depressing and all that. I’ve read the whole series and I’m fine! Once he even wrote a page all about the water cycle so we would fall asleep and not read the next part of the book! But I actually found that part quite interesting!

This blog post is called ‘aaaaaaargh!’ because the children are pushed down the empty elevator shaft by Esme, their guardian, who was secretly working with Olaf to get the fortune. But it wasn’t so scary because they knew what was at the bottom even though it was pitch black. Then, unexpectedly, their fall was broken by a net. But the Baudelaires hadn’t given up hope. Sunny climbs back up with her teeth and when she has the rope she jumps back down now she knows she’ll have a soft landing saying ‘Geronimo!’ I bet that was fun!!! Remember, for the Baudelaires there’s always something…


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