Orphans on the Loose!

Book 7: The Vile Village (buy the book here)

Hello all!

The next drop off for Violet, Klaus and Sunny is the village of V.F.D. but even though a whole village are placed under the care of the orphans, don’t be fooled…….

The Baudelaires are taken to V.F.D. The Village of Fowl Devotees with even more crazy and strict rules. The Baudelaires were sent to do all the village chores with the V.F.D. handyman, Hector. But you might think Count Olaf appeared in an absurd disguise before you could say ‘Peppery Pots’ when in fact there was news that the village had captured him! Though when the Baudelaires arrive at the town hall they realize it’s just another person with one long eyebrow and a tattoo of an eye on his left ankle!! No one listens to the Baudelaires (as usual) proving the stranger innocent, so he is sentenced to be burned at the stake the next day and is put in jail. Suddenly, just before his punishment, he is found dead in his jail cell and that is when Olaf comes along as the detective of the crime scene. He accuses the Baudelaires of the murder with a hair ribbon, a small piece of lens from a pair of glasses and some fake tooth marks. The Baudelaires are put in jail but can they escape the cell before they are burned at the stake?

In this book Lemony Snicket’s brother, Jacques Snicket, appears looking a lot like Olaf. He says that his tattoo is part of his job and the Baudelaires are given another mystery to hold on top of the fire that killed their parents, Olaf’s sneaky plans and V.F.D. Jacques Snicket was going to tell the Baudelaires something about their parents but he was taken away before he could say it. When the Baudelaires were thinking about the tattoo being part of Jacques job they thought he could be apart of Olaf’s theatre group but not one of Olaf’s comrades had the tattoo. Why did they both have the same tattoo of the same eye on the same ankle?

I called this post ‘Orphans on the Loose!’ because now everyone believes the Baudelaire orphans are murderers even though it was Olaf’s doing. In the next book, the Baudelaires are very careful with who they meet because they’re afraid they’re going to be caught and put in jail for a crime they did not commit. But the Baudelaires are not just ordinary children. These children are very intelligent and I’m sure they can get out of this unfortunate event somehow……

The thing I liked about this book was its cleverness. I did not tell you about anyone’s ambitions in this series except Olaf who wants the Baudelaire fortune!

Violet dreams to be an inventor and if you knew her well you would see that when she ties her hair up in a ribbon she is thinking of an invention to get her and her siblings out of a troublesome situation.

Klaus is the researcher and he loves books. The Baudelaire parents had a huge library in their mansion and he’d love to sit and full his head with all the interesting facts he had discovered.

Sunny would love to bite things with her four sharp teeth. I’m telling you, they’re very strong. Remember when I told you that she climbed back up the elevator shaft with only those four teeth! She’s also very intelligent for just a baby.

A couplet
A couplet

Duncan has always loved to be a news reporter and finally Isadora is inspired by poetry. She usually likes to write in rhyming couplets, couplets meaning two lines of a poem, which is where this story is clever. Isadora attached small pieces of paper to a V.F.D. crow with a clue in a couplet of where the Quagmires were and then the crows would fly away and drop the clues for the Baudelaires to find. The Quagmires knew the Baudelaires would discover the message hidden in each couplet dropped and eventually would find their hiding place. 7 down, 6 to go for A Series of Unfortunate Events……


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