Doctor, Doctor

Book 8: The The Hostile Hospital (buy the book here)

Hi everyone!

Being accused of murder is hard for the Baudelaires. They’re in the newspaper and the word and rumour of many villages. At Heimlich Hospital they must stay hidden…

The Baudelaire orphans escape to a hospital where they are set to work in a library full of papers and files. At night they sneak in to find a file that Hal (the man they work with in the library) had mentioned he’d spotted them in. But unfortunately (that’s not an unfamiliar word in the Baudelaire dictionary) they were discovered by Olaf and only Klaus and Sunny could manage to fit through the tiny chute which was their only way of escaping the library…

This book was quite tense and a bit scary but I still love it. As the books go on they get better and more interesting so as I always say, I really recommend these books but it is quite depressing so please don’t read if you are 8 years old or younger!

I’m going to start giving out what I’m going to call ‘Simi Stars’. These ‘Simi Stars’ are going to be my rating and recommendation for the book. They’ll probably look like this, * and will usually be at the end of the blog post. I might also put one of these stars in the middle of the summary to show that this part in the book I found good or interesting. These type of ‘Simi Stars’ I will call ‘Summary Stars’.

Simi Star rating: **** (4 stars)


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