Might want to bring a coat

Book 10: The Slippery Slope (buy the book here)

Hello readers!

Up and up in the freezing cold mountains the two elder Baudelaires go to find their captured sister Sunny, stolen away for the fortune by Count Olaf, the king of the Baudelaires’ nightmares…

Snow Scouts

After being parted from Sunny, Violet and Klaus make their way up the Mortmain Mountains in search of Olaf and his evil troupe. Half way up the mountain they run into a pack of snow scouts and discover a surprising survivor* of a terrible fire. They travel to the V.F.D. headquarters (a secret organization that could unscramble many mysteries of the Baudelaires’ lives) and are horrified to find the whole building in ashes…..

This book is the best book of the whole series. If there was only one book I would recommend out of all the books it would be this one. I have written just the first half of the story; it’s up to you to read the rest. My absolute favourite part of the whole book is when the survivor reveals him/herself (not giving you any clues) and the chapter ends.

I thought that Violet was very clever in this story when she found a genius way to climb up a frozen waterfall with just a few melted forks and ukulele strings. She also managed to stop a very fast caravan from whizzing down a mountain with only a small table and some sticky ingredients.

Simi Star rating: *****


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