Book 11: ‘The Grim Grotto’ (buy the book here)

Sunny in the cave, carrying a jar of Peanut Butter
Sunny in the cave, carrying a jar of Peanut Butter

Hello everyone!

From the highest peak of the Mortmain Mountains to the bottom of the sea, the Baudelaires travel on their miserable journey into a dark cave underwater, crowded with deadly mushrooms……

After whooshing down a cold, fast running stream,* the Baudelaires run into a submarine with a very lively crew of two… and a cook. Captain Widdershins and his lovely stepdaughter Fiona are there names and the cook is a long lost friend of the Baudelaires, Phil. The orphans and Fiona set out into a gloomy cave in search of a vital object. But Sunny is poisoned by deadly mushrooms……..

This book is also one of my favourites. As the series goes on the books get better and better. I was particularly impressed by Klaus’ skills on interpreting maps and graphs. He discovered the Grim Grotto (which was where they headed to find this vital object) on the map. He found that it was in uncharted waters so it could be dangerous. But nothing will stop the Baudelaires and their friendly crew from swimming out to search it…..

I named this post ‘Splash!’ because of the chaos at the beginning of the story when the kids are speeding down the river, splashing water all over the place. I also called this post ‘Splash!’ because the whole book is mostly underwater and there wasn’t really another word I could think of.

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)


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