Sunny Island

Olaf and the orphans on the boat
Olaf and the orphans on the boat

Book 13: The End (buy the book here)

Hi readers!

The Baudelaires whoosh through an outrageous storm on a boat with the only person who could make it any worse, Olaf. They sail away into the wide wide ocean…….

After falling down a burning hotel, on a boat, into the sea,* the Baudelaires arrive on a sunny island where they meet a small girl named Friday. There are many people on the island who are stowaways (meaning people that were in a storm and have washed up on the island, including Friday) and after a storm they gather objects that have washed up on the shore. They take them to the leader of the island, who is named Ishmael, and he decides whether the island needs them or not. But Ishmael is not who the islanders think he is…….

Sadly this is my last post on A Series of Unfortunate Events but I will still be writing about other books. I think this book ended rather well but if you read it you will be left with many questions unanswered. Unfortunately many people are poisoned in this book and Lemony doesn’t tell us what happened to them but we hope they found the cure and lived safely. The End is also The End of someone the Baudelaires failed to thank for saving Kit Snicket, but I guess this person did not deserve it………

Simi Star rating: **** (4 stars)


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