Underwater encounter

Hi readers!

The next book in the Ruby Redfort series is called Take Your Last Breath, mostly set in the deep blue ocean off the coast of Twinford (Ruby’s home town). Will she survive or will she ‘take her last breath’? (buy the book here)

Ruby Redfort2A radio station called ‘Chime Melody’ is producing strange sounds which Ruby believes to be some sort of code. She discovers that her great-great-great grandmother, Martha Fairbank, knew the whereabouts of the Fairbank rubies. Martha was known to be the only one who survived the attack of the pirates on her mother’s boat, the Seahorse, and to have known where the rubies were stored, but no one believed her. An asteroid passes Twinford every 200 years making the strong currents in the ocean calm and this is how Ruby gets into the underwater caves to search for the rubies.* But the sneaky Count Von Viscount is there to make sure she doesn’t get her hands on it first…

I very much enjoyed this book, more than the first one really. It’s very exciting but can get a little scary! With that creepy octopus like sea creature you might be afraid, but not Ruby. It got tense when she was being yanked down a whirl pool by a strangling sea monster…

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)


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