Probably a stunt double on the cover of that book…

imageA NEW LEMONY SNICKET SERIES: All The Wrong Questions

Book 1: Who Could That Be At This Hour?

Hello everyone!

My mum bought me the first book of Lemony Snicket’s new series and I’ve finished it. I also got the second book from my brother and that’s the next book I’m planning on reading. This is a series about Lemony Snicket himself as a 12 yr old boy who has become an apprentice of a woman named S Theodora Markson…. (buy the book here)

Lemony Snicket and his new chaperone, S Theodora Markson, are having a little holiday at Stain’d by the Sea which is a town that is underwater, but all the water has been drained. An old woman named Mrs Murphy Sallis has been burgled and it’s Snicket and his chaperone who need to steal it back. But when Snicket unexpectedly drops off a wire,* I have no idea how many feet from the ground, everything turns upside down……

Lemony’s off to a good start with his new series and I am very much enjoying it. I like how he’s made the narrator as his younger self, but I doubt that is what really went on whenΒ heΒ was 12. Book Lemony is smarter than his chaperone is, and with that skill and knowledge he manages to get to the bottom of the case making lots of new friends which I wish I had. This book might be one of Lemony Snicket’s best! I’ll add it to my top favourite books list right now…..

Simi Star rating **** (4 stars)


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