An adventure to New York


Here’s the next book my Wendy Orr, Nim at Sea, an exciting adventure on a cruise ship!! Sadly this book is not a film but I think it really shoud be. To be honest, I think it’s a bit better than Nim’s Island. Nim’s first adventure into the real world is here and it’s a good chance to learn about the big world she’s never seen…. (buy the book here)

Nim at Sea (the picture is actually from Nim’s Island but it’s the only good one of her in the sea)

Nim and Alex have an arguement and Alex secretly leaves the island on a plane. Selkie is sea lion napped and Nim goes to save her* but has to sneak onto a ship to try and rescue Selkie who is locked up in the same boat which is actually a Troppo Tourist cruise ship that’s heading for New York!! Back at the island, Jack thinks that Nim has left the island with Alex for a reason he doesn’t know so he makes a raft to go and find them. With all of them heading towards New York, they may well find each other and go home to the island, but New York is a very, very big city…..

What an adventure Nim has on her amazing journey with her friends. I like the way they’re all going to the same place and they’re getting closer and closer to each other, and they don’t even know until the end when everything comes together. It’s all a very smart plan how Nim escapes the ship with Selkie. Nim pretends she doesn’t know Selkie and pretends to train her when she already knows loads of tricks. And then at the end where their grand finale of a sea lion show is actually sneaking away and jumping off the boat. Oops, might have said a bit too much there. Unfortunately that’s the last of the Wendy Orr books I’m blogging on but there are other stories that she wrote. Hope you enjoyed my blog post. Got to dash now, so bye!!

Simi Star rating: ****(4 stars)


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