A wizard, 13 dwarves and a hobbit

Hello fellow readers!

No prizes for guessing what I’ve just read! Yep, it’s The Hobbit; an all time Tolkien classic. I’ve read it all in just under one month, which I am rather proud of. It’s the kind of story that is simply a chapter for each exciting event, one after the other. Well, here it is. Enjoy! (buy the book here)

A jolly band of dwarves and a wizard unexpectedly appear on Bilbo Baggins’ doorstep one evening and the next thing you know is that they’re all on a marvellous adventure to raid the great treasure hoard of Smaug the Magnificent, a very large and rather smug dragon. Meeting both friends and foes on the way it is a very bumpy journey yet they all reach the mountain in the end.* But there is still the dragon to rid, and it’s going to take a lot of real courage. Can they do it, or will they all be burned to a crisp?

This book started off really interesting, but nearer the end it started to bore me. My liking of Bilbo decreased quite quickly in the last few chapters too, so I also started to not enjoy the book anymore. But there is still the beginning, which is quite an adventurous tale. The epic battles (although there weren’t many), the wonderful friendship and the dwarves, and I never could’ve thought of a story like that. So the story still stands out, and is not the worst book I’ve ever read, which is good.

Simi Star rating: ***(3 stars)


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