Good wizard, bad wizard

Book 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Hi everyone!

I’m so very sorry to all my readers that I haven’t written in ages but I’ve been awfully busy lately, especially now that I’m at secondary school! I also challenged myself to read A Series of Unfortunate Events again as fast as I could and I read them all in 40 days!!! Anyway, back to the subject of the next Harry Potter book: The Order of the Phoenix…… (buy the book here)

Harry’s back at Hogwarts and another adventure awaits him! After the return of Voldemort, the order of the phoenix (a group of good wizards led by Dumbledore) are reunited to make plans to stop Voldemort’s evil. But the Minister for Magic, old Cornelius Fudge, forces all witches and wizards to believe that Voldemort is not at stake and Harry Potter is crazy. But of course Fudge is a liar. Maybe he just doesn’t want to believe it or maybe he’s a downright liar. Sorry, getting carried away. Harry is desperate to help but Dumbledore refuses to let him. And to top it all, there’s a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher: Dolores Umbridge, the most wicked witch that ever walked the face of the earth. For once, Harry wants to be anywhere but Hogwarts…..

I think a big change in the world of Harry Potter is coming because everything is becoming much more dangerous, and the books are getting chunkier! Friends are willing to risk their lives to help Harry defeat Voldemort, and I like the fact that they want to help him. Friends can be really great sometimes, don’t you think?

Simi Star rating: **** (4 stars)


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