Fact File: Violet Baudelaire

Howdy all!

T’is the season of fact files! I’m taking a break from writing about books I like (or dislike) because I was thinking about my dreadfully long blog post ‘Orphans on the Loose!‘ and I thought I should extend the information about the characters by making fact files on them.

So if you’ve ever wondered how Sunny climbed that 66 story building (although it was really 33 because they were already half way up [or half way down if you’re a pessimist]) or how Violet managed to save her and Klaus from tumbling off the Mortmain Mountains in a caravan which could’ve lead them to…. their doom. Or maybe you just want to know what their hobbies are. Anyway here’s the first fact file on Violet.

Violet Baudelaire :
Gender : Female
Age : 14 (book 1-11) , 15 (book 11-13) , 16 (book 13)
Occupation : Inventor , Orphan
Famous for : Grappling Hook (book 1) , Battering Ram 
(book 7) , Drag Chute (book 10) etc....
Starring in : A Series of Unfortunate Events - Book 
1-13 , Film (actress : Emily Browning)

Comment :
Violet is a very smart girl who uses her resources well 
and always has a plan. She fell in love with Quigley Quagmire and 
was good friends with Duncan and Isadora Quagmire. She's brave and
loves her brother and sister, who she cares for well, being the 
eldest. Those who know her well know that when she ties her long 
dark hair up in a ribbon, she's thinking of an invention to get 
them out of a tricky situation.

If you'd like to learn more now go to :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violet_Baudelaire or

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