Uh,oh… Trouble’s in trouble!

Blonde is back…

Hello readers!

The second Jane Blonde book in the series is Jane Blonde Spies Trouble…. (buy the book here)

Janey’s spycat Trouble keeps going missing, mysterious notes are being written on the windows at school, and Janey’s just found out that a gang of water rats are experimenting on Trouble to discover the secret of a cat’s nine lives! Disaster is striking and only Janey can find out who’s behind it all. Has it got anything to do with the new girl at school? Or the man who’s just become Janey’s mum’s new business partner? Or maybe it’s the creepy Sun King whose spylab is underneath a giant swimming pool? And why does it all link back to water? Janey has solved puzzles and problems before, but none as big as this. If she doesn’t solve this soon, it’ll be too late for Trouble…..

The second book of the series has really made me feel excited for the others! I’m reading the third already! This book was the one I’d read before, but my memory of books that I read a while ago is sadly not good… although I can always remember whether I enjoyed it or not and I definitely enjoyed reading this again! There are lots of surprises at the end, which makes the endings my favourite part of these books. Unfortunately I can’t spoil the endings for you, but I can say that they’re good! Please read this book series if you like young spy fiction!

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

P.S. If there are any books that you love and you think I’d like too, please do tell me or maybe send in your own thoughts on any books you’ve read or I’ve blogged on!


4 thoughts on “Uh,oh… Trouble’s in trouble!

  1. This is a really well written account of book 2 Sim well done – it has made me feel as though I should be reading the book too! Great job! Love ya, Mum

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  2. Hi its Aisha awesome blog,so good I am going to make one sometime.Your post are very interesting.You read really good books. I love it. KEEP BLOGGING!!!!

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