Fact File: Klaus Baudelaire

Hello readers!

I’m still writing fact files on the Baudelaires and my next one is on Klaus, the middle Baudelaire, who loves reading and researching and knows a lot of different words and can speak a few different languages too. In the Baudelaire mansion was a huge library, and Klaus had read nearly all the books inside it before the fire that killed his parents.

Klaus Baudelaire :
Gender : Male
Age : 12 (book 1-7) , 13 (book 7-13) , 14 (book 
Occupation : Researcher , Orphan
Famous for : Discovering a hidden message in a 
letter (book 3) , translating complex tidal 
charts (book 11) 
Starring in : A Series of Unfortunate Events - 
Book 1-13 , Film (actor : Liam Aiken)
Comment :
Klaus Baudelaire is incredibly knowledgeable and has a brilliant 
memory. He is friends with the Quagmires and fell in love with a 
girl named Fiona in the eleventh book, The Grim Grotto. They 
shared a kiss before she broke his heart and joined her brother 
and Olaf's troop. He used to dislike his little sister Sunny when
she was still a newborn, but soon they became inseparable friends.
In The Miserable Mill he is hypnotized by an evil optometrist. 
Overall, Klaus is very smart, quick witted and courageous.

If you'd like to learn more go to :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klaus_Baudelaire or

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