Hello readers!

Janey has just been invited to attend a SPIcamp in the next book, Jane Blonde – Spylet on Ice! (buy the book here or at the Bookshop)

One morning Janey finds a strange package on her doormat from her Uncle Solomon inviting her to a SPIcamp where she can learn all the skills of SPI (Solomon’s Polificational Investigations) and become a proper spy! With her SPI:KE G-Mamma, spycat Trouble, fellow spylet Al Halo and his mother Maisie Halo, she travels to the SPIcamp. But Janey’s not as ‘sensational’ as she thought. It’s clear now that she’s not ready to brave the cold outside. She must overcome her weaknesses and be prepared, because for this mission, Jane Blonde is not just saving SPI, but the whole world as well….

Blonde better get her skates on…

This book was one of my favourites! From the baking hot sun in Australia to the freezing cold ice in Antarctica, Jane Blonde’s adventures never leave the reader uninterested. I like how she’s disappointed the whole of SPI and must fix her mistakes by doing something ‘sensational’, because she definitely does. I highly recommend these books if you love young spy fiction; they will definitely hook you and they sound so fun! Who wouldn’t want to have a secret spy identity and save the world on a daily basis?

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)


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