Fact File: Sunny Baudelaire

Hi everyone!

While I’m reading the next Jane Blonde book I thought I’d post another fact file. The next one is about the youngest Baudelaire, Sunny, who speaks a type of baby talk that only her siblings can understand. In the last chapter of the last book however, she is at an age where she has outgrown her talk and speaks as her siblings do. Anyway, enjoy!

Sunny_Baudelaire.jpg (186Ɨ270)Sunny Baudelaire :
Gender : Female
Age : (unknown)
Occupation : Cook , Orphan
Famous for : Cinnamon Hot Chocolate (book 9) ,
V.F.D. (Violet's Fifteenth Date) Violet's 
birthday cake (book 11)
Starring in : A Series of Unfortunate Events -
Book 1-13 , Film (actresses : Kara Hoffman ,
Shelby Hoffman)

Comment :
Sunny is definitely my favourite Baudelaire. She is unbelievably
intelligent and a fun and witty character. She understands 
everything that is said around her and has nearly the same amount
of knowledge as her siblings. Her four front teeth are very 
resourceful and, above all else, very sharp and incredibly strong.
With them she has the ability to open cans, climb walls, cut open
fake wooden legs, and many more heroic acts. Being an unusually
small baby, her size also became useful in desperate situations.
She too was good friends with the Quagmires, but as she was still
a baby, she never fell in love with anyone.

If you'd like to learn more go to :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunny_Baudelaire or

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