I scream, you scream, we all scream for sun cream!

Hi readers!

She’s out of this world!

Janey has now upgraded to a golden SPIsuit! How cool is that? Here’s the next book in the Jane Blonde series: Jane Blonde – Goldenspy! (buy the book here or at the Bookshop)

Suspicious sights have been spotted on the coast of Florida meaning only one thing: a new mission is underway! This time taking her mother with her (who presumes it’s a holiday), Janey, Alfie Halliday and his mother, Maisie Halliday, search baking hot Florida for their archenemy, only to find out that he is rapidly evolving hippos into whales and planning on creating his own human race on another planet by doing the same evolving process to turn apes into humans. Traveling to this new planet, Janey discovers evil Copernicus’ plans to shoot a Lay-Z Beam over the Earth to cast an eternal slumber over every single being on it. Can Janey stop Copernicus before it’s too late and she’s stuck on his new planet forever?

This book is probably the best so far because it all fits together so well in the end, just like all the others! They’re very well written. I also like how her adventures take her right across the world, even right across the universe! It makes you enjoy the adventures even more, especially because Disneyland is in Florida and they actually go there in this book! I also love how Janey is so brave and willing to do anything to save her friends, or sometimes her planet. Anything can go wrong but she’s ready to risk it using her big spy brain! She always seems to wriggle out of these situations…

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

P.S. This is my 40th post! Thank you all for reading my blog; I really appreciate you dropping comments and checking on how I’m doing! Thanks again!


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