Guest Post ~ Maddy

I Dared to Call Him Father ~ Bilquis Sheikh

Hey everyone! My name is Maddy from Digital Diary and Girls Living For God’s Glory. I’m very excited to be able to do a book review on Simi’s wonderful blog! ‘I Dared To Call Him Father’ is the book that I chose to do a book review on. I read it recently for school and I loved it! So, here it is!

‘I Dared To Call Him Father’ was a wonderful book! Bilquis Sheikh told her amazing story of getting to know the Lord. She was a Muslim living her normal life when she started having these weird dreams about Jesus and John The Baptist (she actually said in the book that she had never heard of John The Baptist before until her dream). Anyway, there were these missionaries that lived nearby that she never really paid attention to until now. She decided to go to their house and ask them some questions about her dream. She felt uncomfortable going over there but she really wanted to know why she was having those weird dreams. She spent awhile at their house and before the night was over, she gave her life to the Lord. Her life was changed after that. Even though all of her friends were still Muslims, she bravely told them all about the Lord. She ended up getting baptized soon after that and went to a weekly Bible study with her new friends. You could just tell how much she loved the Lord and wanted to live her life completely for Him. It was just amazing to get to read her story and all that she went through. One thing that amazed me was that, although she had to go through everything that happened, such as her friends dying, people getting mad at her for becoming a Christian, people saying that she was going to be killed, she knew that it was the Lord’s will and she just completely trusted Him in whatever happened. ‘I Dared To Call Him Father’ was just amazing and is definitely something everyone should read!

Maddy Star rating: ***** (5 stars)


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