Dancing dinos

Hi everyone!

First of all I’d like to make an announcement! From now on I will write on my blog every Friday, no other day, to keep my blog more organised. Anyway, let’s get back to the next book in the series: Jane Blonde – Spy in the Sky! (buy the book here or at the Bookshop)

She’s flying high!

Janey’s spy life is at a lull and she is very disappointed. The only interesting thing that has occurred so far in the holidays is her new younger brother, James, (ex-chimpanzee and former employee of enemy Copernicus) having a ceremony to enroll him as a Spylet. But one day Janey is attacked by flesh-eating birds outside of a department store and little James is kidnapped by a pterodactyl and shut in a cage at the top of a crane. Janey must now learn to skydive to save her brother, and find out the secret behind these strange flapping dinos and toothy terrors before her brother is lost forever….

Another fun and awesome novel that will interest boys and girls of all ages! I loved this book, especially… yep – you guessed it… the ending! It’s always the part you look forward to in these books because you know it will reveal all the answers to your questions! I like how there is always a good plot and it’s always something eccentric! Before you go, please go and check out this cool Jane Blonde website which has fun games too! And keep an eye out for the final Jane Blonde mission, which I will hopefully post after the penultimate book, a World Book Day one that is only 7 chapters long! Enjoy you weekend!

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)


6 thoughts on “Dancing dinos

  1. What a fun idea to have a page for your movies, too! Out of curiosity, what is your opinion on the Narnia movies, if you’ve seen them?

    Sounds like a nice schedule for you. I hope it works out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Christine! I love Narnia! We used to watch it when we were little. I’ve read a few of the books too, and seen some of the films. They’re awesome 🙂


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