Creeps in the classroom

Hello readers!

She’s on a mission to be…

The penultimate book in the Jane Blonde series (Jane Blonde – The Perfect Spylet) is a special World Book Day edition and is only 7 chapters long, meaning it doesn’t really follow the story of the other books. Enjoy! (buy the book here or at the Bookshop)

Janey and Alfie have just been hired to do some babysitting! They are forced to handle a dozen little 5-year-olds while the reception teacher is suffering from food poisoning, but many small accidents are happening to Janey as she looks after them. Then one day the spy team unexpectedly receive a message from the head of SPI, warning them about something. But what? Can Janey solve the puzzle before it’s too late?

Short but sweet, this book is full of the same Jane Blonde action that we know and love! Janey is quick to solve clues and puzzles as always, and she’s got what it takes to save the day! She also makes some new animal friends along the way! Ooh, that rhymes… Anyway, 7 books down, and one to go! Are you excited for the final battle between Jane Blonde and the evil Copernicus?

Simi Star rating: **** (4 stars)


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