Fact File: Mr Poe

Hi everyone! I’m currently reading the last Jane Blonde book, but meanwhile I will write a Fact File! This one is about Mr Poe, who isn’t a big character but plays an important part as he is in charge of handling the orphans’ guardians. Enjoy!

Mrpoefog.PNGArthur Poe :
Gender : Male
Age : (unknown)
Occupation : Banker , Vice-President in Charge of
Orphan Affairs
Famous for : Coughing
Starring in : A Series of Unfortunate Events - 
Book 1-7,11,12 , Film (actor : Timothy Spall)
Comment :
Mr Poe is rather an annoying and bossy character, and he is very
bad at picking out guardians for the orphans; caring for children
is not his strong point. He has an endless cold and often 
interrupts himself by coughing violently into a handkerchief. Mr
Poe also never believes the Baudelaires when they try to tell him
that Count Olaf is in disguise, and he only ever realizes right at
the end of each book. Although, he does believe the orphans when
they say they aren't criminals, as they are accused of in book 7.
Overall, he is very stupid, but sometimes helpful to the children.

If you'd like to learn more now go to :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Poe or

4 thoughts on “Fact File: Mr Poe

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