Time flies when you’re havin’ fun…

Jane Blonde, Spylets are Forever ~ Jill Marshall

Hello everyone!

Is time up for blonde?

I have finally finished the last Jane Blonde book and I am finally going to review it. It’s been a while since I started the very first book, but I don’t regret it because these books are really fun to read! Now go and find a box of tissues and enjoy the post!!

Janey has spotted some strange figures in her garden and she is growing suspicious. One night, she chases after the figure, only to discover it is the young Solomon Brown. They travel back in time together to save the head of SPI who has got himself trapped in the past. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Young Sol traps Janey in the cellar of his house, where she stays for 3 hours before blowing a hole through the ground and traveling to a fashion show through a secret underground passage. She has to find Solomon before it’s too late and old Sol is stuck in the past forever, but young Sol is not who Janey thinks he is…

No, I didn’t cry in case you were wondering. No one dies either, although, as always, Janey is very close to death, and even non-existence! This was a great finish to a fun and enjoyable series, and I really recommend these books to children around my age and younger. I love how there’s always a twist and you are never left bored. There are great characters and a good story line and I’m sad to say goodbye. I really hope you’ve enjoyed my reviews on this series because it was really fun and these books are awesome!

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)


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