The girl without a mum

Mimi ~ John Newman

Hi everyone!

This book is also a recommendation and I would certainly recommend it to you! It was very well written and it was an interesting book. Enjoy!

Nothing is the same since Mimi’s mother died 149 days ago. Dad is burning pizzas, Conor is bashing away on the drums all night, Sally has a big secret, Sparkler hasn’t been walked in months and Mimi is being bullied at school by the snobby Sarah Sinclair. But just as this family begins to change completely and Mimi’s life starts to take a new turn in the road, the kind Mrs Lemon from the shop comes over with a video tape, spilling Sally’s secret…..

Even though this book is for younger children (8-10 yrs) I really enjoyed it and thought it was well written. Although it is a simple book, Mimi narrates it well and the story is filled with a mixture of sad and happy moments. It also has some great jokes thrown in there too! The author created some excellent characters in my mind and wrote very well as a young girl struggling without a mother. These days it is difficult to find an author that writes well as a child or teenager, but John Newman did it splendidly. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)


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