Fact File: Aunt Josephine

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all having a lovely summer! I’ve decided to host a guest post competition! Shelby will start it off the week after next and it will go on until the end of August. There are 4 participants and I will be the judge, but I’d love to hear your thoughts too so be sure to leave a comment! For now I am going to do another Fact File. This one is on Aunt Josephine who was Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire’s third guardian. Enjoy!

handJosephine Anwhistle :
Gender : Female
Age : (unknown)
Occupation : V.F.D. member
Famous for : Fear of almost everything
Starring in : A Series of Unfortunate 
Events - Book 3 , Film (actress : Meryl 
Comment :
Since Aunt Josephine's husband was eaten by leeches she has been 
afraid of almost everything. Her house sits precariously at the
top of a steep hill overlooking a lake, but she won't move out
because she is afraid of realtors (estate agents). She is also
very fond of grammar and likes to correct the orphans when they
make a grammatical mistake. Although she may seem like a posh
wimp, she is kindhearted like Uncle Monty and tries to do what's 
best for the children. Sometimes she can be an annoying character
but overall she is good-natured.

(Click here to learn more about Aunt Josephine)

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