Guest Post Contest ~ Christine

The Young Knight 1 – Engaging the Challenge ~ Lydia K. Ware

Hello readers!

Our final guest poster is the lovely Christine from Everything is Blogsome! Thank you very much Christine for doing an awesome review on The Young Knight 1 ~ Engaging the Challenge by Lydia K. Ware! Good luck Christine!

Hello all! I’m not much good at writing introductions, but I suppose I’d better give it a shot before jumping into telling you about one of my favorite books.

My name is Christine. I am a 15 year old sister to six. I have been homeschooled completely up till this point in my life, but I’m starting a private school two days a week in six days. I don’t have very many talents, but I do love babies and toddlers. I blog at Everything is Blogsome.

This is a book my friend, Lydia, wrote, illustrated, and self published by the age of 15. Since it’s not a book many have heard of, I thought you all might enjoy learning about it. Also, Lydia based some of one of her drawings off of my brother-in-law, Kevin. It was pretty funny when his daughter at the age of 3 figured out the book’s “bad guy” was her daddy!

Archer, a page boy in the Middle Ages, has spent his life since the age of six being pushed around and bullied. Without father or mother, he has no one to turn to… except for God, and his friend Rowan Ebba. One tournament changes his life for good. When the knight he serves under is accidentally killed, the champion comes and requests Archer as his pageboy, rather than leaving him to the mercy of the bully William. The knight, Sir Aldrich, then takes Archer home with him to a small village, where he treats him kindly and continues to train him. But there are so many pieces of the puzzle of Archer’s life left unsolved…

This book is amazingly written with a wonderful Christian message. I would recommend it for ages ten to thirteen. However, at the age of fifteen, I do not mind rereading it from time to time. The one thing I would point out is that Lydia did not have this book edited, and it does show from time to time in grammar and spelling. Altogether, she did amazingly for the young age she finished it.

Christine Star rating: **** (4 stars) for a captivating tale!

Thanks again Christine for writing this wonderful review! This book sounds really interesting! Please go and check out Christine’s blog (link above) and buy the book! Have a great weekend!

*update: there is a trailer for this book that you can watch here*


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