Belly of the Beast

Lascar ~ Shahida Rahman

Hi readers!

This next book was recommended to me by one of my friends because it was actually her mum who wrote it! She is an excellent writer. Also, this book is the prize for my guest post competition, and the winner will be announced next Friday!! I hope you’re all bursting to know, and I’m sorry that the winner will not be announced today. But for now, you can wait in suspense to find out who will receive this wonderful book!

Ayan and Kazi are orphans in Bengal and when Kazi is suddenly struck with cancer, Ayan must become a Lascar on a ship so as to earn money for Kazi to see a doctor. What Ayan doesn’t know is that he won’t see his brother again for many many years, as he is on a perilous journey in the belly of a dangerous ship which will lead him to Victorian London, where he must survive the harsh realities of being a Muslim in England…

This novel was extremely well written and had lots of great descriptions! Ayan’s journey is an incredible one and will intrigue many young adults. Just how this one man faces slavery, the death of friends and being bullied and insulted because of his skin colour but still stands tall until the end is so awesome!!Β At times it got a bit complicating or slightly boring because I think it was written for older ages, and the ending of the book was a bit unclear, but other than that it was a great book! Also, it is a bit violent so I wouldn’t read it if I were below 11. A great read! Loved it!

Simi Star rating: **** (4 stars)


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