And the winner is…

Hello everyone!

I’m finally going to announce the winner of my guest post contest!! But first, I’d like to thank all of my participants for writing wonderful reviews, and to everyone who read them! Can we please have a round of applause for Shelby, Alyssa, Trinity and Christine!! I’d also like to thank Maddy for being my ‘mystery judge’, you could say, for helping me choose the winner, who is……………… *drumroll* ……………………. ALYSSA!!!!!!! Congratulations Alyssa! It was difficult to decide, but your review was just above the others and Maddy and I loved reading it! Please could you email me your address ASAP so I can post the prize to you! Thanks again to everyone who participated and remember, this was just for fun, you all did really well seeing as half of you had never written a book review before and I would make you all winners for doing such an amazing job! Thanks!!

P.S. Sorry this is a short post! I will be posting a review next week.


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