The world beyond the creek

Bridge to Terabithia ~ Katherine Paterson

Hi everyone!

The next book that I’m reviewing is Bridge to Terabithia, a wonderful story of friendship and imagination…

Jesse Aarons longs to be the fastest runner in the year, but he is devastated when the new girl, Leslie Burke, beats him. At first Jess dislikes her, but they soon become friends and create another world, just for them. They name the world Terabithia and the only way they can reach it is by swinging across an enchanted rope that hangs over a dried up creek. Even though they are bullied by the horrible Janice Avery and are teased by Jesse’s older sisters, they stick together through it all. It seems both of their lives have changed forever, and Terabithia is the heart of their friendship.

This book is amazing! It is a fantastic novel that is great for all ages. It is very well written and shows that friendship is one of the most powerful things in the world. I loved the character of Leslie because she was smart, funny and imaginative. Jess, too, is a great character and even though it was Leslie who created Terabithia, it would not be the land it was without him. I like how they acted as King and Queen and built their own little castle where they would talk for hours. The film is also a masterpiece and I loved every second of film and book! Bridge to Terabithia is a truly magical tale!

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)


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