Trapped in time…

Creighton Hill ~ Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

Hi everyone!

I’m just taking a short break from Narnia to review Creighton Hill by Morgan Elizabeth Huneke! Creighton Hill is the first book in the Time Captives trilogy. Morgan has an awesome offer on that you should check out: she will send you one of her books to read for free if you review it afterwards! How awesome is that? You can only read it on Kindle or another format like it. Any questions, please ask in the comments below! Anyway, on with the review!

Emily, Allan, Jill, Joey and Anna have just moved into Creighton Hill after their grandfather’s death. Growing up hearing that their family history was full of early deaths in Creighton Hill, the children are not too happy about the movement. Attempting to discover the mystery behind the early deaths, the four younger children search their grandpa’s study for evidence. This leads them to the attic, where a world magically appears and they are taken to the same fate as their ancestors…

I love this book! It’s written so well and I like how they go back and forth in time. It was a bit of a slow story but something interesting happens in every chapter, making it quite a page-turner! My favourite characters were probably Allan and George, because they were very courageous. I liked Abigail too, because she was sweet and good-natured. Loved it!

Simi Star rating: **** (4 stars)


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