My Dodo Poem

Hello readers!

A few weeks ago I wrote a poem for a writing competition, and I came third out of 170 entries! We had to write a story or poem under 500 words about a dodo. So I thought I’d share my poem with you all today. Enjoy!

The wind whistles softly through the trees,

I hear the buzzing of the bees,

The birds are awake, I hear their song…

But they do not sing for very long.


The hunter is here! Quickly, escape!

We all now see his shifting shape.

Swoosh! One dodo drops to the floor,

I feel cold shivers right to my core.


I try to run, I try to hide,

An arrow suddenly strikes my side.

I lie upon the leafy ground

But then I hear another sound…


A cawing, sweet as honeycomb

Above my low and soft moan

A flash of light, snowy white

She caws again as she takes flight.


She swoops low towards the man

Who runs faster than most can.

She flies faster and pushes him down

A choked scream rings all around.


Then all was deadly silent…


Suddenly I hear a cry,

Drifting towards where I lie

An angel sweeps past my head

I think to myself, am I dead?


Darkness gathers, I’m still alone,

By now a storm has fully grown.

But wait! The white dodo is back!

She shines brightly against the black.


I wake up! The pain is gone.

Soft grass is what I lie on,

The angel is sitting calm and still

Even in the slight chill.


She hums a beautiful, loving tune

And shines as bright as the moon,

My wings seem to lift me high

I’m soaring up, into the sky!


She flies beside me, we fly as one

We fly together towards the sun

Our wings are all a burning haze.

We fly into the glowing rays.


And the dodo was no more…


8 thoughts on “My Dodo Poem

  1. O O Simi what lovely poem. I wonder if you realise what a lot of pleasure it has given to Grannie and grandpa. Have you written any other poems? We would love to read them

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂
      I’m afraid I don’t really write poems, just stories. Maybe I will enter more competitions and write more poems! You never know…


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