Guest Post ~ Christine

Rilla of Ingleside ~ L.M. Montgomery

Hello all! Today, I want to share with you a book from the Anne of Green Gables series that is well known, but doesn’t get enough credit, in my opinion.

Rila Blythe, the youngest daughter of Gilbert and Anne Blythe, is a vain, self-centered silly girl who longs for her family to stop seeing her as a baby. She builds a rainbow castle in her dreams of the four years from her fifteenth birthday till her nineteenth birthday, believing they will be the best years of her life. She hopes handsome Kenneth Ford will notice her, for her brother, Walter, to love her as much as he loves their sister, Nan, and for her life to become more interesting. And then it does, in a way she would never had wanted… the start of the First World War.

Personally, this book is my favorite book in the Anne of Green Gables series, as much as I love the first book. L.M. Montgomery really captured the emotions of young men and women living through the horror of war. She portrayed the fears and feeling of a young man struggling to bring himself to enlist; the sleepless nights of a young girl, praying that her brothers, sweetheart, and best friends return safely. Yet she still preserved the comic twist to her writing that we had come to expect from her, bringing all of these elements together in an amazing wartime story.

Christine Star rating: ***** (5 stars)


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