A short break…

Hello readers!

At the moment I am rereading the All the Wrong Questions series by Lemony Snicket, and then I will start on quite a long book that I received as a prize for coming third in my Dodo competition, so I will be taking a short break from blogging while I read my way through those. I am actually quite a slow reader, but I will try to be back as soon as possible! For now I’ll be sharing with you a little story I wrote. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

I opened the dictionary and all the words woke up from their sleep and yelled at me. Well that wasn’t what I was expecting… All of a sudden I heard the clip-clop of the librarian’s high heels on the slick wooden floor. Quickly, I shut the book and clutched it under my arm. As I began to round the corner of the bookshelf, I tripped and bumped straight into the librarian, landing in a heap on the floor.

“Excuse me young man!” the librarian barked after we had brushed ourselves off. “What on earth makes you think you can make this much noise and run about like a small child in this quiet place?”

“Excuse me ma’am, but you’re making much more noise than I,” I argued. Fearfully, I watched the librarian’s fat face burn red as a tomato and her head shake with anger. I sniggered slightly as I imagined lava pouring out of her ugly brown curls.

“Get OUT!” Immediately I scampered out of the building.


When I arrived home, I sprinted up the stairs and into my bedroom, slamming the door behind me and causing my dressing gown to fly off the hook on the back. Ignoring it, I slid into my chair at the desk and opened the book. Immediately a shout erupted from the page and I leapt with fright, even though I was expecting it. Leaning in, I tried to make out what the words were shouting at me, but when they were all shouting at once it was extremely difficult.

“Oh will you shut up!” I silenced them. “Why are you shouting so loudly?” I felt like an idiot talking to actual words.

“You woke us up!”

“Will you turn that light off?”

“I’m having an awful week…”

The words seemed quite stressed. “How are you… alive?” I asked them in a loud voice.

Bite growled, “How are we not alive?”

“Well you are, um, words,” I pointed out.

“So?” answered bell in a rather rude voice that rung in your ears. I didn’t like this page much, so I flipped through until I came to a quieter page.

“Why is everyone in such a bad mood?” I asked busy who simply replied, “Go away, can’t you see I’m busy?!”

Calm said softly, “It is because you have awoken us from our long sleep. No one has even touched this book since about the 19th century.”

“But why? Dictionaries are useful, aren’t they?” I asked.

“Not this one. There are no meanings, just words.” For the first time I stared down the page and noticed that there weren’t any meanings of the words at all.

“What a silly thing to do! Who wrote this?” I demanded.

“It wasn’t their fault, it was someone else. They stole our meanings. Oh, what a dreadful day that was…”

“What happened?”

“Well, it all started like this…”


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