A book inside a book

The Eyre Affair ~ Jasper Fforde

Hi readers!

The next book I’m reviewing, The Eyre Affair, is the book I won for my dodo poem, so it’s also signed by Jasper Fforde himself! Enjoy…

In an alternate 1985 where the Crimean War still rages, dodos still exist, and Thursday Next still doesn’t have a boyfriend, an evil villain by the name of Acheron Hades is kidnapping characters from books and holding them to ransom. When Jane Eyre is captured, Thursday must find a way to rescue her without changing the course of the story, which of course is extremely difficult as Jane is the main character… And now Hades has hidden inside Jane Eyre with a poem in which Thursday’s aunt has been trapped. Will Thursday be able to save the book and her aunt, and get rid of Hades before the novel has finished rewriting itself and she is lost in the story forever?

First of all, this book had a very complicating and confusing plot, so if you read it you will probably loose track of who’s working for who, especially as most of the characters’ names are completely made up. It took a very long time to actually get to the point when Jane was kidnapped, so it took me awhile to get into this and I felt the story could have been shorter. Despite this, it was quite funny and entertaining and I liked how, even though almost all of the characters were men, the main character was a women and she was very smart and brave – a true heroine! I also liked how there was a lot of action, but also a little bit of romance and fantasy too. And the cover is awesome! Even though this is a very famous book, I didn’t enjoy it as much, but still a great book!

Also it contains some inappropriate jokes, bad language and it was quite dark in places. This book is more for older teens and up.

Simi Star rating: *** (3 stars)


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