Monday’s Minute Challenge ~ 24/06/16

Hey y’all! Today I do Monday’s Minute Challenge – on a Friday. SHOCK HORROR! Here ya go…

A girl. A gust of wind.

She stepped inside the dark, musty room. Walls of chipped wood closed in around her. Slowly, her eyes gazed across at the elaborate wood carvings. Age was gracefully fading them away, but beauty remained. Delicate swirls twisted among fierce shapes of battles and explorations. The girl marvelled at the markings, how accurate and beautiful they were. She took an interest in drawing, and enjoyed tickling the outlines of the elegant animals and trees and mountains.

All of a sudden, a creak sounded from a door on the other side of the room, and the girl swiftly slipped out of the room. Her heart beat fast as she raced away.

In panic she turned the wrong way and fell into a second room. There, in the centre behind a polished table, sat the last person she wanted to see: her brother. He sat with a tall woman. A vase of flowers sat patiently on the surface. All three turned to face the girl as she stumbled in. No words were exchanged. A tingle of fear rolled up her back.

Focusing on the flowers, she spotted that they were fake. Artificial tulips. Her eyes darted from the table to the woman to the flowers. A slam echoed behind her and the draft knocked her forward. A sharp pain erupted from her back; she felt a drop of blood trickle down her spine.

The flowers toppled to the floor.


9 thoughts on “Monday’s Minute Challenge ~ 24/06/16

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