War brings a whole lot of tissues

The Book Thief ~ Markus Zusak

Guten Tag Leser! Good day readers!

Recently I saw the Book Thief film and I loved it; I was sobbing so much to the point that my dad, who has working, began to shout at me to shut up. Surprisingly I didn’t actually cry in the book, but I would be prepared anyway. Personally, I way preferred the book because the film is so shamefully inaccurate, but both are definitely worth your time. Go to the shop and buy them! Now! I mean, of course, after you’ve read this post 🙂

3 Quick Facts:

  • This book is narrated by Death
  • It is set in Germany, World War 2
  • A bunch of people die in this – sorry for the spoiler but we all knew it was gonna happen

This book follows the story of young Liesel who is beginning a new life with a new family on Himmel Street. With the help of her loving new foster father, she learns to read. Entranced by words, she becomes a book thief. Death is all around her and yet her life is just beginning to bloom as she discovers this strange new world of imagination. When a stranger arrives at the door of 33 Himmel Street, Liesel’s world is thrown into danger. Living with the fear of being found out, Max lives in the basement and writes stories for Liesel. The two grow a friendship which is brought together by a love for words, but destruction is just around the corner…

Well, I can safely say that this is the most beautifully written book I have ever read. Every word, every page, every chapter was satisfyingly powerful. Every character, every setting, every story was masterfully told. I loved it. Rudy, Liesel’s best friend, and Max were probably my favourite characters for obvious reasons: Rudy was always there to help out and was a completely loyal friend to Liesel (probably because he had a crush on her!) and Max helped Liesel find the true power of words. Overall I absolutely loved this book because, why would a book lover not adore it? The storytelling is perfection; a must read.

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)


5 thoughts on “War brings a whole lot of tissues

  1. Hey there, Simizat! Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. You have a lovely place here yourself!

    Great review. I love how this book is narrated by Death! That’s very cool. I like the cover, too. Bit quirky, has that aged paper look to it – I’d purchase it for that alone. ^^ I’ve heard of The Book Thief many times, but never got to it. Someday, though.

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