My heart thumped wildly as I looked down at the eerie, abandoned ship. A glistening tear tumbled down my face, trailing silvery tracks behind it. I stood staring at the decay before me. Everything was still and silent, except for the soft lapping of the waves. A briny smell was carried gracefully upon the gentle wind, which was tenderly brushing against my flushed cheek.

Suddenly it came. I knew it would. Just one flash and I was there once more. Terror surged through me as I heard the smack! of my body hitting the icy water. Darkness. Swallowed up by the roaring waves, I struggled towards the light. As soon as I broke the surface, a faint scream sounded from behind me. I could almost taste the fear. I turned toward the scream and immediately wished I hadn’t, for what I saw left my mouth dry and my heart feeling cold and empty. Bright orange flames licked the sail and side of the boat and I could make out silhouettes attempting to escape the blaze that glowed like a star in the dead of night. Without a second thought I turned my back from the inferno and began frantically swimming away. Now my legs and arms were numb with cold. It felt like hours that I battled the raging ocean until I reached a bit of debris. Clinging tightly to it, I looked back at the shipwreck. It was gone, sunk, forever. All that lay before me was miles of sea.

I snapped back to the present and saw what was left of my despair. Falling to the silky sand, I wept.

Suddenly I woke up. Everything was gone – the boat, the sand, the endless sea… I was alone once more, but the memory of that night would haunt me forever…


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