Golden fleeces and goat brides

The Sea of MonstersRick Riordan

Hey everyone!

Continuing with the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the next book I’ve been reading is the Sea of Monsters, a tale of two lost things: a Golden Fleece and a goat bride…

Percy is spun into another adventure when he returns to camp and discovers that Thalia’s tree – a pine tree that protects the borders of Camp Half-Blood – has been poisoned and monsters are attacking left, right and centre. He then finds out he has a Cyclops for a half brother and is forced to take him and Annabeth on a dangerous quest to find the Golden Fleece – the one thing that can save Thalia’s tree from dying. As well as that, Percy must rescue his satyr friend Grover from the cave of Polyphemus, the Cyclops who was originally blinded by the hero Odysseus. To reach the cave, Percy, Annabeth and Tyson must travel through the dangerously deadly Sea of Monsters, but time is running out before Grover will be forced to marry the Cyclops; can Percy save Grover and retrieve the Golden Fleece before it’s too late?

Like the previous book, I could hardly put this down. Although it’s a great book, I don’t think I liked it as much as the first, don’t ask me why. But that didn’t stop me from loving it because THIS SERIES IS JUST AMAZING IN EVERY WAY. Ahem. Anyway, in the film of the Sea of Monsters I didn’t really like Tyson, but I actually love him in the books because he’s really friendly and he really cares about his friends, but then he can defeat giants and hydras and bronze bulls because he’s a beast. So, he was probably my favourite new character, because Annabeth is still my overall favourite. I love how every chapter is a little adventure in itself, full of action and surprises, which is how I think Rick captures the attention of his audience; it’s what makes this book – and the rest of course – so amazing. I really like this series, don’t I? If you have any common sense at all, then you will go read this book right now and you will love it, trust me. Can’t wait to read the rest!

Satyr Star rating: **** (4 stars)


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