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The Lost Hero ~ Rick Riordan

Hey young demigods!

So, as greatly anticipated, I’m reviewing The Lost Hero! *trumpets sound in the distance* Sorry I didn’t post last week – I was away for the weekend – but I’m back now with, yep, another Rick Riordan book. Not even just a book, A SERIES. Yes, yes, I know it’s exciting, calm your pegasi. Riordan’s only one of the best writers of all time. No need to squeal. Now go forth and post him some freshly baked venti for crushing my soul into a million pieces.

When Jason wakes up on a bus with no idea who he is, he certainly didn’t think he’d be toppling (literally) into a perilous adventure to rescue the Queen of the gods, Hera, from her crazy grandma, Gaia. Whilst still discovering his true identity, he and his two new friends, Piper and Leo, set off across the US on a flying bronze dragon to save Hera, therefore also delaying the awakening of Gaia, aka Mother Earth. But the trio are still discovering their talents, and they’re all keeping dangerous secrets from one another. To top it all off, they have no idea where Hera is being held captive, and they only have four days to find her. Piece of cake, right? Right…?

AH, UNCLE RICK IS BACK!! I was so excited to read this series because, honestly, I need more than just a Percy Jackson-sized slice of Riordan to survive in this world. I mean, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is amazing in every way, but I am a very hungry little bookworm. Excuse me while I go and eat Hammer of Thor (*cough* just released *cough* available on Amazon now). I like the fact that there’s now a variety of POVs because I do love to explore everyone’s brain-forests (yes, I just came up with this word and yes, it will now be incorporated into every single one of my posts).

My favourite new character in this book was definitely Leo. He is the cutest little thing on earth and I wish I could jump into the book and hug him to death. I mean seriously, this absolute babe has been through so much: he’s lost his family and is left to basically survive by himself; then he discovers his father is a god, and is forced to rescue a goddess from the evil Gaia, who made his life suck. Despite all this, he’s still cheerful and acts as ‘the class clown’, when really he does it to hide the pain and I just wanna bake him some brownies because this guy needs some serious appreciation. No joke, I spent most of this book sobbing for him. IMAGINE HOW MUCH I’M GOING TO CRY IN THE LAST BOOK. I can already picture The River Simi, the river of my tears in which I will drown. Wow, that got depressing pretty quick. I should probably shut up round about now.

Clover count: ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ (8/10)

P.S. For anyone who wants to know, the title of this post means ‘a new story’ in Latin, because this series is a mixture of Greek and Roman mythology and the language of Rome is Latin.


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    Leo!!! ❤ I, unfortunately, didn't like Annabeth and Percy in this series AS much … but maybe that's because of Leo. He's just SO ADORABLE. Like, I can't even. And just you wait 'til the last book! *evil laughter* *river of Alyssa tears*

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