Percy’s back, back again

The Son of Neptune ~ Rick Riordan

Hey everyone!

Guess what? This is my one hundredth post! That’s a lot of reviews… Anyway, I’m continuing with Heroes of Olympus, and, wait for it… PERCY IS BACK!! Yep, my all time favourite little cheesecake in the fictional world. No joke, he actually is. I very much think he should be crowned king of fictional cheesecakes.

Percy has woken from his long sleep and, after weeks of being chased by immortal gorgons without a clue of his identity, has finally reached his destination: Camp Jupiter, the Roman demigod camp. With his two new friends, Hazel and Frank, he must embark on a quest to rescue Thanatos (aka Death) so it is possible to actually kill their enemies. Furthermore, the trio must return by the Feast of Fortuna to stop a giant’s army from destroying camp; as well as this, Hazel is terrified that death will take her back to where she belongs, and she’ll never get the chance to right the wrongs of her past and in addition to that, Frank must risk his life for the sake of his duty, but has he got the courage? What lies ahead for the heroes is more threatening than they could have possibly expected…

Honestly, the only reason I actually like these books is because of Percy. Percy is perfection. PERCY IS PERCY FOR THOR’S SAKE. Just kidding, I do enjoy these books for other reasons, but mostly because of Percy. I was saying to my friend that I would only be fully satisfied when Percy and Annabeth are in the same book *distant sobbing* because, I love Percy, and I love Annabeth, but together THEY ARE THE CUTEST LITTLE PAIR OF SOCKS. Moving on – which here means “I will now begin rambling on about another beloved character” – Frank is the sweetest little human being (well most of the time haha) and he and Hazel are adorable. No, that wasn’t a spoiler because they were destined to be together since Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet. As ever, Rick’s writing is packed so full of action, you could take it on a three week holiday. I seriously can’t remember most of the plot because there was so much of it. Truly I shall never get bored of the genius that is Richard Russell Riordan. Even his name is alliteration. T’was destiny that he became a writer. Destiny I tell you.

Clover count: ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ (7/10)


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