Roman holiday 2.0

Mark of Athena ~ Rick Riordan

OH MY GOODNESS IT’S A MIRACLE I’M POSTING A REVIEW. I know, it’s been awhile, my bookish friends. But they’re back with brains (reviews with brains…? eh) bursting with, um, Greek/Roman-ish-ness and I’M STILL SO OBSESSED WITH RICK RIORDAN’S BOOKS ARGH PLEASE HELP. I just can’t get enough of his books. And can I just say, this book is actually really educational? And, for some reason, I love it? But more on that below.

The heroes of Olympus have finally united… but they’re not off to a great start. The seven have just begun their epic quest to save the world from being destroyed by Gaia, but have (unintentionally) started a war with the Roman legion and are now being chased across the country by them. In addition to this, they have only a week to rescue Nico Di Angelo from Gaia, and stop her from demolishing Rome. On their journey, they encounter many threats from their Roman enemies and Gaia’s monsters that follow them on their journey across the Atlantic Ocean; what they don’t know is that they must each face an even more hazardous challenge once they reach Rome and, if they fail, risk Gaia’s rise and the end of the world. But Annabeth must take a different path – she must prove herself as a true daughter of Athena and defeat her mother’s old nemesis… Alone. This is the biggest Riordan adventure yet, but do the heroes of Olympus have what it takes to save Nico and Rome? Does Annabeth have the courage to take on the most important quest of her life?

So, THAT CLIFFHANGER. MY FEELS. PERCABETH’S REUNION. THE LEO, HAZEL, FRANK LOVE TRIANGLE. JIPER TOTALLY NOT GETTING LEFT OUT. THE DAM JOKE AT THE BEGINNING THAT ONLY PERCY UNDERSTOOD. Oh, and the plot of course. But oh my goodness, I can hardly breathe right now. This book was so crammed full of stuff I’ve literally forgotten the first, like, 400 pages. No joke. It’s probably my only query in this: I feel like there was so much plot that it sometimes sidetracked a little from the main storyline. I think it was just Uncle Rick sneakily slipping in little facts about the history of Rome and the Mediterranean and I actually learned a lot from this book about Italy that I never knew. See? Educational, yet slightly sidetrack-y. I feel like it could’ve been at least 100 pages shorter. Although, saying that, I think there was some pretty decent character development. Like Piper? I used to not really like her because she was a little annoying at times, but she was so awesome in this. AND ANNABETH HOLY HEPHAESTUS where do I even start with that girl? I’m really happy that she was sort of the main character in this book because she hasn’t really had a quest in Heroes of Olympus until now when she gets a whole book to herself and I love it and every Riordan book should be this way. Her little quest thingy? I would’ve died within about 3 minutes. I probably would’ve not noticed the hole in the basement and just fallen down and broken my neck and been eaten by rats or mice or dinosaurs or who even knows what. Annabeth is officially 10000000% more epic than she already was.

Clover count: ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ (8/10)


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