Book look back ~ 2016

Heyyyy bookworms.

I hope you all had a happy Christmas or, if you don’t celebrate it, a relaxing day of being awesome! My Christmas was 100% fabulous because I ate a lot of food and received a lot of books and I am currently all flail and no chill. I literally sent my mum my Goodreads TBR and it’s now in my hands and the books are all shiny and new and I definitely have not spent more time petting them than reading them… But you’ll have to wait till next week for me to tell you which books I got because haha I’m evil that way. But for now I’m going to be looking back at my favourite books of 2016 because I’ve read some EPIC books this year and I hope you have too so we can flail together in the comments.

And EXCITING news: I’m doing my FIRST EVER link-up oh my goodness I can feel the excitement radiating off my laptop because it has never experienced a link-up before (or maybe it’s just overheating haha) and so it is buzzing and I am buzzing and the world is buzzing and the bees are confused. I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday so I can tell the world my Top 5 Best Books of 2016 because you definitely want to know and it’s definitely Tuesday today. Wait, did I hear myself right? It’s Top Ten Tuesday and yet I’ve said I’ll share only 5? Well, I don’t want to bore you to Tartarus and bookworms are hungry busy things so I’m only doing 5. Sheesh, stop complaining. Now, let’s get this 2016 book look back party started!

~Top Ten Five Best Books of 2016~

  1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak ~ so, this book is AMAZINGLY EPIC AND EXTREMELY HEART-WRENCHING BUT ALSO EQUALLY BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL. It is such a classic and I love it to pieces and everything about it should be given mince pies because it’s utterly fabulous.
  2. The Positively Last Performance by Geraldine McCaughrean ~ this book is horribly underrated and it breaks my heart because it is honestly a masterpiece. I mean, who doesn’t like a book about cute little ghosts with sad little pasts that you want to hug but can’t because they’re transparent?
  3. The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan ~ so, this is probably my favourite Percy Jackson book, mostly because of the fabulous characters. My favourite, of course, was Nico – the most broken, complex, rejected but adorable little soul to ever roam the Earth and be betrayed by his official art and capture my squishy heart and make me cry just thinking about him. All he needs is a hug, a plate of mince pies and a slice of love and care and acceptance and I’m sobbing a river now argh.
  4. The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams ~ basically every character in this was squishable and so awesome and encouraging and I loved them all. I felt like it was pretty different from your normal children’s book which is why I loved it.
  5. Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan ~ my year has basically revolved around Rick Riordan and his legend-ness. This was my first Riordan of the year so I can’t remember much about it, but I do remember that I adored the characters – especially Magnus and Sam. Magnus is an awesome, witty little mince pie and Sam is so badass and Blitz and Hearth too are the sweetest little things and this book is so diverse and I love it.

How was your Christmas? What were your favourite books of 2016?

P.S. I have a signature now because it makes me look professional.



3 thoughts on “Book look back ~ 2016

  1. MAGNUS CHASE!!! In a couple days I get to read the second book, and I AM SO FREAKTASTICALLY EXCITED. (The book had me by its first Doctor Who reference. 😉 ) (And freaktastically is totally a word.)

    I CHECKED AND MY LIBRARY SOMEHOW DOESN’T HAVE THE BOOK THIEF. LIKE, WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. Ahem. But I have found the purchase request button … so mwahahahha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • IKR IT’S SO FABULOUS. Haha yes, all those beautiful references!! (Freaktastically can be whatever it wants to be, so yes, it is a word 😉 )
      OH MY GOODNESS WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO. I do have a small confession to make… I may or may not have slightly forgotten to ask for Between Shades of Grey for Christmas…? *cowers in a dark corner of shame* But my birthday is coming up, so I’ve asked for it then 🙂

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