Book look forward ~ 2017

Good afternoon bookworms. Or good morning, or even good night, depending on where you are in the world, and when you are reading this. Maybe under the covers at 2 am or on top of the Burj Khalifa at noon. But let’s not dig too deep into this because honestly there is no time to faff about because there are books to be read and posts to be written.

So, it’s 2017 and I’m trying to set myself some unachievable epic goals for this coming year and I’m struggling it’s going great! I’m actually kinda super excited because I have filled another row of my bookshelf after Christmas and I CAN’T REALLY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT TO READ THESE BOOKS. I’VE TRIED, BUT IT’S NOT GOING TOO WELL. So, before I explode, let’s get on with the post, shall we?

~Books I got for Christmas~

  • Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde ~ I didn’t particularly enjoy the first book in this series, The Eyre Affair, but apparently this one is a lot better so I’m hyped because the first book, even though the plot was a bit slow, was actually pretty well written so I’m hoping this book is good, but my expectations aren’t sky-high. We shall see!
  • The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine ~ I’ve actually already read this but it was around 4 years ago, so I can’t remember, like, anything. Which is why I’m rereading it and hoping it’ll be as good as I remember!
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon ~ I read this book in English at school but never actually got round to finishing it like I was supposed to, so I’m determined to finish it this year. And earlier last year I saw it in the theatre in London and it was SO GOOD so I’m really excited to read it.
  • Fantastic Beasts Movie Handbook ~ I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at the cinema and really enjoyed it but I’m still a little bit confused about some parts of the plot, so this book is going to be super helpful and hopefully enjoyable.
  • The Maze Runner series by James Dashner ~ I’ve always wanted to read these books, mainly because Thomas Sangster is in the film, but also because I don’t read many popular book series and this one actually sounds decent so I am all a-buzzing.
  • Pick Your Poison and Blink and You Die by Lauren Child ~ wow, it only took me a millenium to get round to finishing this series but I finally am and I’m so excited because I absolutely loved the first 3 books and this series is one of my favourites ever and ah I’m so excited!
  • Holes by Louis Sachar ~ I’ve seen bits and pieces of the film on TV and I really like Shia Labeouf so I thought I’d give this book a go. To be honest, I’m reading most of the books on this list because of the films haha.

~2017 goals~

Blog EVERY week, no exceptions (including illness/busy-ness/death)

Reach 100 followers on me blog (you can see I’m being way too ambitious haha)

Read 40 books (I’m a snail when it comes to everything reading, so I’m aiming high here)

look, I has read 1 book

(psst! you can stalk my goodreads here)

Change my blog name/design

Maybe write one of my books that are currently only plans and have been sitting in my documents for a couple millenia?

Knit a hat and scarf (this is irrelevant to my blog but eh)

Have you read any of the books I got for Christmas? What are your goals for 2017?



10 thoughts on “Book look forward ~ 2017


    When Jess, Trevor (lil’ bro #1) were home alone for a few hours, we were just perusing Netflix and saw the movie Holes on there.Jess and I had just recently watched some of the Transformers (starring our dear little Shia). We watched it, AND OH MY GOODNESS. ONE OF MY FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIES. Seriously. I didn’t find out that there was a book ’til a bit after. 😉 I sooo want to read it! (Maybe with Christmas money…)

    Six of Crows was pretty good! The second one was a tad bit disappointing to me (though tons loved it better), but the first was AMAZING!!! And The Two Princess of Bamarre??? LOVED IT. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t actually seen the Holes film all the way through, but I LOVEEEE the bits I did see and, of course, Shia (and yes Transformers oh my goodness I basically grew up watching those films haha I love those).
      I’m sooooo looking forward to Six of Crows because there’s nothing I love more than awesome fantasy heist novel thingies aha je suis excited.
      The Two Princesses of Bamarre, oh my, where do I start? I am so so excited to read it again because SO MANY FEELS when I first read it and argh I can’t wait to read it again.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Six of Croooows!!! And I love that all the characters aren’t all trying to act like bad boys (and girls) … but actually are. So good!
        Transformers! ❤ I have a friend who LIVED on them for years, so he was so excited when Jess and I were allowed to watch them.
        Trevor and I ADORE The Two Princess of Bamarre! I read it to him … and the little romanticist that he is loved it. 😉


      • I loveeee badass people in fantasy ahhhhhh I’m so excited to read it!!
        For a while Transformers was our ‘family film’, so I have loads of great memories watching it, but I don’t really like the later films.
        Aw your little bro has good taste 😉 the Two Princesses of Bamarre is such a classic and argh I love it, except the ending kind of broke me? It kinda crushed my soul into little shards? And it’s still affecting me after, like, 4 years?

        Liked by 1 person

      • I KNOOOW, that ENDING!!! It’s just … ahhh. I love those kinds of endings. It kills me. But I love it. 😥 (Beware – when I writing, I always plan realistic, awful, torcherous endings…)


      • I know argh the ending killed me too 😦
        Oh my goodness no, if you kill or torture any of your squishy little characters I will throw you off a molehill. I will protect them!! *kidnaps Sawyer and buys him a puppy*

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sawyer would probably like that.
        And don’t worry at ALL. I’m trying VERY EXTREMELY HARD to be nice to him and his squishy friends (‘cept Andy … I love him to death … so … >:D ).


      • That’s good to hear, but I still don’t COMPLETELY trust you with not hurting Sawyer and the squishy gang… so I’m going to have to kidnap them all 🙂 ESPECIALLY ANDY OH MY GOODNESS NO DON’T HURT HIM HE’S TOO YOUNG WHAT NO.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ll try my VERY BEST to be nice to him. Buuuuut, my very best might not be THE best… 😛
        Mwahahaha!!! Andy’s too similar to me to give up the chance to torture him. >:D

        Liked by 1 person

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