Is watching the film before reading the book punishable by death??

Heyy bookdragons.

YES, THE TRAIN HATH FINALLY ARRIVED AND MY ‘LETTUCE DISCUSS’ POSTS ARE HERE!! Let’s all have a doughnut to celebrate! Today we shall be discussing whether watching the film before reading the book can be acceptable, in my opinion.

(By the way, if you hadn’t noticed yet, I love food, hence my blog name Booked to Perfection (like cooked to perfection heheh I am pun king) and of course the name of my new discussion posts, Lettuce Discuss because I LIKE LETTUCE OK?? Plants and I have a very close relationship.)

Now lettuce start this post before it flees the country or eats all of the lettuce in my fridge.

So, my question: is watching the film before reading the book punishable by death?

Most bookish humans would say “yes, you traitor” and throw me off a mountain. Buuuuut, is it really betrayal? Does it actually matter which you do first? Why do most people think that it does matter??

I want to start off by saying that, personally, I’m not against watching the film first because, well, I do a lot.


Here are just a few of the books that I read after watching the films:

I don’t think I disliked a single book on this list, so… does watching the film first really make any difference to the way you see the book? Here are a list of reasons why I think watching the film first can be acceptable.

films are a lot easier to advertise than books

For me this means that I’m more likely to discover the film before the book because films are allll over the place: on transport, on TV, on social media, in magazines… but books are advertised less in public and more in the sphere of book lovers, so won’t necessarily be seen around and about as much as films.

Obviously discovering the film first doesn’t happen with every single book I read, but it does happen a lot. Sometimes watching the film first can be purely accidental if you found it before you found the book; for me this is especially true when I watched films as a child and didn’t even know how to read yet, so I didn’t have much choice, I just stared for hours on end at the meaningless words. I wasted so many of my smol years desperately wanting to know what those weird jumbled up letters really meant… *sniffs*

going into books blind is difficult for me


If I know what roughly happens in the book because I’ve seen the film, then I can read it with no surprises because I am NOT a fan of surprises, people. I DO NOT LIKE. If there are any surprises, I’d have already experienced them watching the film in which they wouldn’t have hit me as hard, because we all know books are better when it comes to surprises.

And yes, some of you will probably think that films just spoil the surprises, maybe by changing a few lil details, or by ruining the entire plot of the book altogether.

But, as I said before, I don’t mind spoilers (well… to an extent) because in a film they’re not explained in much detail so I might not even fully understand the ‘surprise’ until I read the book and I’m not completely smacked in the face with shock. Watching the film first also means that, when I do read the book, I don’t have to skip ahead or look up any spoilers online because yes, I’M THAT PERSON. I have skipping ahead syndrome. Cry for me.

watching a bad film is better than reading a bad book

Films aren’t as precious to me as books are because I am a smol pineapple who loves to read books. I still love films, especially the Disney kind, but books are more important to me, which is why I don’t like reading books that I don’t like; and reviewing bad books is DIFFICULT, peeps. Basically when I watch a bad film, it isn’t a big deal for me. But I hate hate hate reading bad books!! From the film I can get a good inclination of whether the book will be good or not and whether I should read it.

Of course, as most bookworms know, this isn’t always true because films can just be horrible and not give books any justice (*cough* Percy Jackson), but what we have to remember is that the film and the book shouldn’t be identical in every single way, because they’re separate pieces of art and should be treated that way. Books and films are completely different things, so why compare them so much?? Doing something different and exciting, as well as roughly keeping to the plot and the characters is what I like to see in a film. I think the reason so many bookworms don’t like film adaptations is because of their expectations from the book, but if you watch the film first, you can enjoy it without high standards you’d have reading the book first.

That, my cheese pasties, is why I think watching the film first can be acceptable. I’m not saying I always watch the film first, because most of the books I read are more underrated so don’t have films adaptations. But I do enjoy watching films, and believe that they’re a great way to advertise books, so if there’s a film of the book, I’m more likely to read it.

Of course, I completely understand why a lot of people disagree with watching the film first, mainly for the bad acting, especially with kids in YA adapted films, who can completely ruin a book whether you watch the film first or not. I know that some plot changes and cut scenes can also give you a negative opinion of books.

But, let’s be real here, books will always always hold a special place in my heart, as well as every other bookworm’s, due to their beauty and detail and lovable characters and twisting plots and the chance they give to let one’s imagination run wild and explore new worlds… I guess films can’t really give to you what books can because you can’t imagine for yourself, but neither can you argue that films don’t have their own beauty. This post is getting really flimsy, I’m sorry.

Thank you all for reading! I really hope you like this post, and if not, please feel free to give me some tips in the comments, as well as chat with me about all things books and films. Do you agree with me? What are your favourite film adaptations? Lettuce discuss.

20 thoughts on “Is watching the film before reading the book punishable by death??


    Seriously, though. 😛 ANYWAYS. Yeah, I agree with you. My Big Sis is one of those “IT IS SACRILEGIOUS” kind of people. Even though she makes me watch the movies first. Ahem. But I happen to (usually) enjoy both, regardless of the order. 🙂

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  2. I recently watched a couple of movies before reading the book (Silver LInings Playbook was one and I don’t remember the other right now), and I realized that when I then go to the book, things that are different don’t bother me, because the book came first. But if I do it the other way around, it bothers me when the movie changes things. Watching the movie first lets me judge the movie as a movie instead of as a book adaptation–does that make sense?

    Side note–I recently accompanied my daughter’s 4th grade class on a field trip to a farm, and when the kids told their teacher that the farmer was going to give them a radish to try, first she said, “But do you think he’ll really lettuce?” and then when they tried the radish, she asked them, “So was it rad, or just rad-ish?” Vegetable puns FTW!

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    • I’ve heard of the Silver Linings Playbook and it looks really good! And yes I 100% agree, watching the film first kind of gives you the chance to like both the film and the book, and allows you to judge the film as a film – I definitely know what you mean 😉
      Haha, yes! Loving the veg puns 😆


  3. Hi! I’ve commented on one of your posts, do you remember? 😉
    Anyways, I personally have seen the Lord of the Rings movies, and never read the books. No betrayal. No harm done. 😉

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  4. Interesting reasons 🙂 I guess I’m opposite from you. I like to dive into a book as blindly as I can. I avoid reading the blurb as much as possible. The hype does it for me, it makes decisions on which book I read 🙂 However, I think I did watch Harry Potter before reading the book and I liked them both. Great post!

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    • I definitely see why you like going into books blind, obviously if there are loads of plot twists and that. If there’s no film adaptation, I’ll go into books blind too, but most of the time I’ll check out reviews on Goodreads beforehand to see if they’re good.
      And yeah, you can never really escape hyped books 😉
      I watched Harry Potter first too! My friend still hasn’t forgiven me… 😆
      Thank you!! Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by, I love hearing other blogger’s opinions 🙂


  5. The reason I generally prefer to read a book before seeing the movie is because when I watch the movie first, I “see” the characters as they are in the movie. And often, I like seeing them in my mind by myself without the help of a Hollywood casting director. Does that make sense? Sometimes, I think they do fantastic job, but other times, I read the book and then watch the movie and think things like, “His hair is supposed to be brown!” “She is supposed to be tall!” I feel like I see the characters and the story better if I read it first. But, like you, I have watched the movie before reading the book plenty of times!

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    • It definitely makes sense – I’ve had that experience of reading a book with the actors faces in my mind and it does bug me sometimes. I think it’s nice that you can imagine everything for yourself in books; I know how annoying it can be watching a film and the characters just don’t look right, especially when they cast actors just because they’re attractive or well-known. But yeah, I see what you mean. Thanks for commenting 🙂


  6. I do sometimes see the movie first! I try not to, however. 😉 I prefer to read the book because I think books always tell a more fuller/richer story?!? But like there are some movies that are better.😂 The Help was one for me! And I saw the Book Thief movie first and can’t pick between it and the book. BOTH ARE PRECIOUS.

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    • Yeah, I do feel like books tell the story in more detail and it’s more complete and understandable.
      I loved the film for the Help!! But I haven’t read the book yet. Soon though 😉
      AND YES I looooove the Book Thief, book and film, but who doesn’t? The story is just beautiful.


  7. I don’t care one way or another which one is best – reading first or watching the movie first. Let me explain. Sometimes there are just books that I will not read EVER but I absolutely enjoy the movie or TV show. Like Lord or the Rings (could not get into it), The Game of Thrones (also can’t pick this one up), Pride and Prejudice or all of Jane Austen’s books (don’t think I’ll be reading those). There are still more that I can’t think of right now.

    There are also movies AND books that I absolutely love like the Harry Potter series and Jurassic Park. Both awesome books.

    Then there are those books that I read first and man, the movie disappointed me so much. Do you remember The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones? Baaaaahhh!

    But I did see The Hunger Games movie first before I went in and read the Trilogy and enjoyed both.

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    • Haha, definitely feel the same way about Lord of the Rings and Pride and Prejudice 😉 I’ve never seen or read The Mortal Instruments, but I have heard some bad stuff about the film…

      It’s weird isn’t it? Sometimes you’ll love just the book, sometimes just the film, sometimes both. I do feel the same way! Thanks for sharing your views 🙂


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