8 of the best (and worst) parents in the bookish world

Heyy bookdragons!

So, if there’s one person (or two) who can really influence and shape a character in a book, it’s their parents. I owe a lot to my parents because they made me the sweet little pineapple I am today and I’m very grateful because everyone loves pineapple, buuut what about parents in books?? Don’t they deserve some appreciation? Well yes, Bobby, they do indeed and today I’m giving a slice of my appreciation to, not only the best parents in books, but also the worst because neither can just be ignored now can they? And ’tis the season of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day so I couldn’t resist having a parentish themed post.

I’m sort of linking up – but not really because the linkup was weeks ago but oh well I’m slow when it comes to everything linkups – with Top Ten Tuesday, but I’m squishing two posts, best/worst mums and best/worst dads, together to create a list of the best/worst parents, 4 of each, because WHO HAS TIME TO DO TWO SEPARATE LISTS OF 10 WHEN THERE ARE COOKIES TO BE BAKED AND BOOKS TO BE EATEN. Now, less chattering and more, um, blabbering.

Warning: this post may contain spoilers for the books that these parents appear in, so don’t cry if you haven’t read Harry Potter and I spill the first names of the Weasley’s parents because it’s your fault, Arthur. I did warn you.

Hans and Rosa Hubermann (The Book Thief) – not only were they willing to take in a starving, pretty much homeless little girl – who steals food and books and Rudy’s heart – when they were already practically starving themselves, but they also managed to do the best job at being the cutest lil parents. Hans was the sweetest jelly bean, teaching Liesel how to read, and just being an all-round son of a babe. And Rosa, darling Rosa, had buckets of sass and feisty-ness but deep down she had the biggest heart and together they’re everything you want in a family.

Uncle Monty (The Reptile Room) – well this ‘parent’ needs no hesitation before being put on this list because we all want an Uncle Monty in our lives. A cake-loving man with a house full of snakes?? Seriously, what more could you want? Uncle Monty is the reason snakes are my favourite animal: he appreciated and loved them even with their reputation… And he also appreciated and loved the Baudelaires who sure needed some of his cake and care. This man is just an angel.

Hades (Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus) – I know there’re many great parents in these series – Percy’s mum and stepdad, Frank’s badass grandma – but can we please talk about Nico’s dad because this man needs some appreciation. Every godly parent in these series sucks but Hades? Can we just take a second to remember the time he gave Nico A ZOMBIE CHAUFFEUR because that’s what the ‘mortal parents’ do like I ACTUALLY CAN’T. He’s the cutest cheesecake with the squishiest heart for his offspring and I want to give both him and Nico a cuddle.

Molly and Arthur Weasley (Harry Potter) – well no bookdragon can deny this one. The Weasleys were basically family to Harry, as well as 7 OTHER CHILDREN like how did they not go insane?? I don’t even know how they managed to care for one Weasley child, being a poor family too. To me they seem quite similar to the Hubermanns, with calm and cute Arthur, and feisty but loving Molly, and they basically took Harry in and treated him like their own. Argh, my heart hath been melted. Also, they raised Fred and George? Bless them.

Edeltraut von Tannenberg (Star of Kazan) – I read The Star of Kazan a longgg time ago, but I do remember how much I disliked this woman. What kind of person pretends to be a poor orphan girl’s mother, for the sole purpose of snatching her fortune she was left by her cute old lady friend who died? I know you want to be like Count Olaf but woman can you please have some respect? No one can compare to Count Olaf and, seriously her friend just died and you want all her money. She doesn’t even deserve to be on my blog, but The Star of Kazan is an excellent book so I’ll allow it.

Lady Abbington (A Dream Not Imagined) – so this lady is just crazy. In my last post I reviewed A Dream Not Imagined so for my full opinion you can read that post, but in short: this woman is a physco. She abducted an innocent child just because of a grudge. This is only very slightly illegal? I think this woman might need some help. Her husband was pretty horrible too, as well as her daughters, but none of them was as bad as this woman. Like fair, she let Ellie go to the ball but SHE ALSO ABDUCTED ELLIE AS A CHILD, soooooo. And at the end she didn’t even apologise to Ellie. Urgh I spit on you, Lady Abbington.

The Mallahans (All the Wrong Questions) – these two aren’t as horrible as the others on this list, but they’re not exactly winning Best Parents of the Year. Moxie’s dad is lazy and depressed, which I get, his wife left him, but he could at least try to care for Moxie. If there’s one thing I hate in books, it’s when single parents basically neglect their children because they’re depressed and don’t even think twice about how their kids are feeling about losing a parent (e.g. Mimi’s dad). And Moxie’s mum isn’t much better: she ditched Moxie and her dad to become a snazzy journalist in the city and yet Moxie is still a babe and a half.

I stopped looking at her typewriter and looked at her eyes. Their colour was pretty interesting, too – a dark grey, like they’d once been black but somebody had washed them or perhaps had made her cry for a long time.

“My mother got a letter from the city and left for a job with another newspaper.”

“When are you joining her?” I asked.

Moxie looked quietly out the window for a moment, giving me an idea about who had made her cry.

If that doesn’t break your heart I don’t know what will.

The King of Bamarre (The Two Princesses of Bamarre) – I can’t even put into words how much I dislike this guy. I mean yeah, it’s hard, your wife died so you’re stuck with two girls and a whole kingdom to care for, but I was kind of expecting you to actually try to do a good job of it instead of lazing around, not taking care of your daughters, or you know, that kingdom on your doorstep. When Meryl got sick he didn’t even care and when Addie went out to save her sister instead? Didn’t give two hoots. He’s just a wimp who doesn’t care about his family and argh I do not likey.

So there you have it folks, the best and worst parents, in my opinion, in the bookish world. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go bake some cookies and eat some books.

Who’re your favourite/least favourite bookish parents? Do you agree with mine? Lettuce discuss.


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