Fact File: C.S. Lewis

Heyy bookdragons.

I know what you’re going to ask. “Simi, where hath you been?? It’s actually quiet for once around here” and ya know what? That’s a great question that I can’t even think up an excuse for. I’ve fallen ill with laziness? Will that suffice?

You’re probably also wondering where those discussions I was talking about are. Well, unfortunately, they got on the wrong train and went all the way to Alaska instead of the UK, but they say they’ll be here within the next couple of weeks – which here means “I am slightly avoiding writing a discussion post because I don’t know what to write about or how to write it and I am struggling but will hopefully conquer my fear soon and stomp on it violently (but not too violently because I’m a calm person, obviously) and actually write a post, for Zeus’ sake.” After all my laziness with posting, you guys deserve these discussion posts. I will try to post one soon but I’m not making any promises because I’m a nasty and unpredictable bookdragon.

(If you have any ideas or advice for my discussion posts, please giveth!! T’would be very appreciated.)

Moving onward, I have very kindly wrapped with a silk ribbon a lovely fact file on C.S. Lewis for all you Narnians because The Chronicles of Narnia are everyone’s fave. Enjoy 🙂

Clive Staples Lewis:
Gender: Male
Age: 64 (deceased)
Occupation: writer, literary critic, theologian
Famous for: Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters
Lewis was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1898 and fell in love
with animals and stories at a young age. As he grew older,
his tastes changed to poetry and mythology. He grew up as a
Catholic, but abandoned his faith in his teens soon after the
death of his mother. During his time at university, he was sent
to fight in World War I, which confirmed his atheism. However,
in his early adult years, he converted back to Christianity and
wrote The Pilgrim's Regress, followed by other Christian fiction
that has named him one of the greatest British writers of all
time, beloved by millions. In 1963 he died of kidney failure,
but his works are still affecting the world to this day.

To learn more about C.S. Lewis, click here.

A story of sisters

The Two Princesses of Bamarre ~ Gail Carson Levine

Halloo peoples. YES I KNOW I’VE BEEN AWFUL WITH POSTING. Time flies, children. It’s already March for cryin’ out loud. But!! I have made it up to you by rereading a book because I NEVER do this. Like never. Be proud. I admit, I didn’t like this book as much as I did the first time, but that’s inevitable because I’ve read a lot of books since then and my reading taste has definitely changed. I think 5 or so years is enough time for my taste to mature a lil bit, right? But I still loved this book because argh amazing.

Princesses Meryl and Addie live in a world of dragons, sorcerers, spectres, gryphons and unexpected heroes. However the deadliest characteristic of this world is the Grey Death, an illness that has no known cure. First comes the weakness, then 12 days of sleep, 3 of fever and finally… death. Safe from the dangers of the kingdom, Meryl and Addie are as close as sisters can be – Meryl courageous and outgoing, Addie timid and fearful. Meryl has always stood up for Addie, always been there to fight her battles, but when she is struck with the Grey Death, it’s Addie’s turn to be bold and aid her sister by searching out the cure. With the help of Rhys, a young sorcerer, Addie begins a hazardous journey across the kingdom to a land that is yet to be found. But time is running out for Meryl, and Addie is no closer to discovering the cure. Can she save her sister and rid the kingdom of the illness before Meryl is gone forever?

So, um, wow this book. I’m in loooove and I 100% think that this should be an actual fairy tale because it’s so beautiful. You can sort of tell it’s a children’s book because the writing is very simple, but there were some fighting scenes that were pretty graphic. Obviously, being a teen, I wasn’t too bothered by this; in fact, it made the tale a lot more gripping. There was constantly something happening, and it was told in such a beautiful manner. I loved the little poems throughout too, and argh the ending!! I was so so shocked and completely broken and yet I guess I was supposed to be slightly happy? But I was just in tears because it’s such a bittersweet finish, written excellently, similar to the rest of the book. Although I have to admit that reading the beginning felt like walking through caramel, but I think the author was trying to develop Addie and Rhys’ relationship a little more so that, by the end, it didn’t feel like they were rushing into anything. But I still felt like the actual quest took up a pea-sized slice of the book? Can we be a bit more generous here?

So onto the characters: Rhys is the cutest, sweetest, squishiest lil guy ever and ah so adorable. He and Addie fitted really well together and they both helped each other in many ways throughout the book. There wasn’t a lot of Meryl, with her being ill and all, but I liked her motherly character and her bravery through everything. Um, their dad?? Did he even care about his daughters a smidgen? His behaviour towards them was actually so awful like what is this parenting. He is king, I know, and the princesses have Bella and Milton (my darlings) to care for them, as well as Rhys to protect them, but that’s absolutely no excuse for him to just ignore them?? I swear he doesn’t even care that one of his daughters is dying and the other is going on a super dangerous quest alone at the age of, like, 18 or however old she is. Especially as they don’t have a mother like what is this man I want to strangle him. But at least he wasn’t evil or anything. And there were so many amazing and really caring and adorable characters that were so squishy and I love them all. Not to mention Addie and Meryl and their absolutely unbreakable bond, and I just love how this book is shaped around their love for one another. Addie is so shy and afraid of almost everything, but when it comes to saving her sister, she’s willing to face her fears no matter the cost. I adore the themes of this book, how Addie’s love for her sister is what causes her to discover her courage and realise that fear can be conquered by love. And it’s so so original because it focuses on Addie’s love for Meryl, and not any kind of romance, which is so refreshing (although there is a teensy bit of romance sprinkled in nonetheless).

ALSO DRAGONS (!!) and if that ain’t an incentive to read this, I don’t know what is.

All in all, this is an absolutely enchanting tale of two sisters’ love, undying friendship, and unspeakable courage. Sure, it’s primarily for younger children, but can be enjoyed by anyone because argh. Perfection.

Clover count: ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ (7/10)

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events: review

Hey y’all! Today I’m doing a review for Netflix’s fabulous A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Beware: this review contains spoilers for the books and show.

I haven’t actually read the books in around 2 years, so I honestly don’t know if the show is 100% accurate. However I could just about tell that it mostly kept to the plot, sometimes even quoting my favourite lines from the book word from word. In some areas the plot was spiced up a bit, but I think Snicket, who wrote most of the screenplay, was just snatching his chance and adding in things he didn’t think of when first publishing the books. The changes were mainly small ones, and were VERY MISLEADING at times.

One new character was Jacquelyn or whatever her face is, the badass lady who’s helping the Baudelaires. Maybe they’ve turned Jaques into a woman? I don’t really know but she seems pretty cool. I did like how some of the VFD characters were introduced earlier on, so we can follow some of their story as well, as the show goes on.

I’m sorry but I have to talk about the parents. (LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU DO NOT WISH FOR SPOILERS.) I was so totally fooled. At first I was angry that they had completely changed the entire plot and made the Baudelaire parents actually alive. Then I very slightly accidentally read an online spoiler before I finished the season that the parents were actually the Quagmire parents and I was A-FLABBERGASTED. How could they do this to us Lemons? I was completely tricked.

Also so happy about that lil sneak peak of the Quagmires! I love these three so so much, especially Quigley. He’s probably my favourite character of this series ever ❤ I like the ending when the Baudelaires and the Quagmires are sitting back to back with their spyglasses. And I’m sorry but what was that cringy song at the end?! Bit weird. I did love the opening theme song though. Literally never knew Neil Patrick Harris could sing.

Speaking of Neil, I think the characters were cast really well. Normally child actors are awful, but these weren’t too bad. The actress who portrayed Violet did pretty well for, like, a 12-year-old. And she looks so much like Violet from the film! Also Sunny was fab.

Overall, I just really enjoyed the whole season. Yes, I binge-watched it. Yes, my family got pretty annoyed that I kept obsessing over it because none of them are Lemons 😦 I love the whole style of the show, how Snicket narrates, the music, the actors, the sly humour, even the costumes. So so hyped for season 2! Only another WHOLE YEAR to wait!


The ACTUAL Grand Finale

Blood of Olympus ~ Rick Riordan

I CHANGED MY BLOG NAME AND DESIGN WHAT IS THIS. Yes, I am still Simi and yes, it was a Grindylow in a tank that Harry saw the first time he visited Lupin’s office at hogwarts. It’s all good. Change terrifies me, but I hope y’all like. I’ve honestly spent so long deciding on a new blog name and I feel like I’m naming a child, which of course I am because my blog is my child. Obviously. Do tell me what you think in the comments!

Moving on… I’ve just finished the Heroes of Olympus.

Yes, I’m a mess.

I’m kind of utterly broken-hearted to be finishing this series? But at the same time, I totally understand that the seven heroes may need a little break from, ya know, saving the world. However, I do still have Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard and Trails of Apollo to entertain me, so it’s all good, there’s no need to spontaneously burst into tears every 5 minutes like I am currently.

(Please note that if you never hear of me after this post, it may be because I’ve become a puddle of feels. Or a river. The River Simi perhaps. But don’t worry! The probability of this is only 107%, calm your chicken chow mein children, and get on with the post.)


As Nico, Reyna and Coach Hedge begin their journey back to Camp Half Blood to make peace between the Greeks and Romans, the seven heroes continue on to Athens to prevent Gaia’s awakening; but the road is bumpier than they think. They are forced to detour to gather the ingredients of the physician’s cure due to the goddess of victory, Nike, warning them that one of the heroes will die fighting against Gaia, and the cure is their only hope. To add to their misfortune, standing in their way of preventing Gaia’s destruction of the world, is all twelve of Gaia’s giants created to defeat each of the twelve Olympic gods, and they can only be killed with a demigod and god working side by side. But with the gods battling against their split Roman and Greek personalities, they have shut themselves off. Will the seven ever succeed alone? And will Reyna, Nico and Hedge manage to transport the Athena Parthenos, the statue which will join the Greek and Roman sides together, to Camp Half Blood before blood is spilled?


Wow. So, I really enjoyed this book. I’d been seeing quite a few negative reviews and so was a bit wary when I dove in, but I actually LOVED it! The complaints were mostly about the ending battle and that it wasn’t as good as it should be for the finale or something like that? But I absolutely loved the ending battle. There is so much more of Reyna in this, as she has POV chapters, and her friendship with Nico is honestly the cutest thing ever and argh they just crush my squishy heart. Her ending ‘battle’ with Orion was THE BEST. She is so brave/badass/totally frickin’ awesome. And Nico!! And Will!! And the birth of Solangelo!! And the melting of my heart!!

Less Percabeth in this one 😦 but I guess they’ve had their share for, like, 8 books. This book was centered more around Jason, Piper and Leo because they were the three to kick off the series, so they’re the three to wrap it all up. And personally I love that because their friendship is so so awesome and Rick tries his best to make Leo not seem like too much of a third wheel. Speaking of Leo… I don’t want to say much because spoiler alert, so I’ll just say AZJSDFBEH I LOVE HIM SO MUCHH *cue fangirling*

Then there’s Jason. I still don’t 100% get why he didn’t die? HE GOT IMPALED BY AN IMPERIAL GOLD SWORD FOR ZEUS’ SAKE. (No, that wasn’t a spoiler because it happens at the beginning so eh.) And when is Piper gonna stop with all this badass-ness? Where does she even get it? Her cornucopia thingy? She’s just awesome.

I just want to wrap up by saying that Rick Riordan is an absolute legend. I don’t fully comprehend how he can write such an epic, page-turning, jaw-dropping, even slightly educational storyline, as well as characters that are so lovable and badass. I honestly couldn’t choose a favourite book (except The Titan’s Curse and The House of Hades) or character (after Percy, Annabeth, Leo and Nico) because they’re all amazing!! So much love for these books.

Ok, this fangirl is out.

Clover count: ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠ (9/10)

Just a random lil update

Heyy y’all.

So sorry for not posting last week! I’ve already failed one of my 2017 goals haha. Today I’m just going to be doing a random update post because I have so many posts lined up but unfinished so obviously I’m going to go and write this whole new one. Yeah, I don’t really know either. Moving on…

  • I’ve finished Heroes of Olympus and I’m very upset so don’t anger me or I may eat you.
  • Finally got to 60 followers! My cat is so proud of me. Only 40 more to go…
  • This is obviously the time of year for rereads because I’ve just reread one of my favourite children’s books, The Two Princesses of Bamarre (review coming soon!) and I’m rereading the wonderful Time Captives series by the wonderful Morgan Elizabeth Huneke because I need to read Crannig Castle but I have a horrific memory when it comes to books, so I’m having to reread the whole series, but I don’t mind because it’s fabulous and one of the only Christian fantasy series that I actually like.
  • I’m turning 14 soon which, for me, has nothing to do with getting older but is about getting new books spending some quality time with family and friends, obviously.
  • A review for Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is coming soon! I’m a huge Lemon (my marvelous name for a Snicket fan) and I actually really enjoyed this show! And now I’m waiting in agony until, like, 2018 for the next season. Why do they torture us so?
  • Hopefully going to change my blog name soon! Ya never know, next week you could be visiting “What’s Simi Reading/Generally Doing With Her Life Because She May Or May Not Be Branching Out In Her Posts” (see below).
  • And finally… I’m going to start writing Discussion posts! Someone be proud because I’ve been blogging for 3 ½ ye2017-discussion-challenge3ars and still feel like a complete beginner. At least I can say my blog is still maturing! And just to prove that I’m actually going to do this, I’ve signed up for the 2017 Discussion Challenge, hosted by It Starts at Midnight and Feed Your Fiction Addiction (brilliant blogs might I add). Fingers crossed I’ll have the courage to post a Discussion at least once a month, so keep your eyes peeled. If you’d like to join the challenge, click the image ⇒

Thanks for reading! I hope to post a review for The Blood of Olympus soon, as well as my first discussion post! Are you taking part in the 2017 Discussion Challenge? Any ideas for discussions?


A snippety of wolves

Hellooo peoples.

Today I decided to share one of my short little snippeties lying around in my documents because why not? I’m in a snippety mood. Be sure to tell me what you think of it in the comments 🙂

Silently I stepped into the dark wood. I looked around cautiously, then began to make my way further among the trees. Suddenly a rustling emitted from the bush behind me and I frantically spun around. My heart was beating fast now and I could hear my breathing quicken.

There was another rustle and a leaf from the bush drifted gracefully to the ground. Slowly, I extracted an arrow from the quiver on my back and fitted it onto my bow, which I held with trembling fingers.

Terror surged through me as a wolf, double the height of a grown man, pounced from behind the bush. Its face was engulfed in the blackness but I could just make out its sharp, glistening fangs. I knew for sure that this creature could not be defeated. Petrified, I began to race into the heart of the forest, the wolf hot on my trail. I dare not look back for fear I’d be devoured by the beast.

When I reached an opening in the trees, I dived at a tall, many-branched tree and clambered up it. I was relatively high up now so I turned, gripped my bow, and aimed at the wolf. With a swoosh! my arrow flew through the air and struck the wolf’s side. The beast howled, but the arrow merely aggravated him. As quick as lightning, he surged forward and smashed his colossal shoulder into the tree. For one eerie moment the forest was lifeless. The tree swayed dangerously and, in one swift movement, it tumbled to the frosty ground.

Then everything went black.


Deep into the depths of death

House of Hades ~ Rick Riordan

Heyyy young mortals.

I can hear the Lemons of the world screaming even from my house in the middle of nowhere in which I read, bake and hold my enemies captive in a cage made of the shattered pieces of my squishy lil soul. Ahaha I’m just kidding, I can’t bake. But yes, today is the day that A Series of Unfortunate Events is released on Netflix and OH MY GIDDY AUNT the hype is unreal, peoples. I might even write a review for it, it’s that exciting.

Moving on, I’ve just finished the penultimate Heroes of Olympus book and arghhh I am SO BUZZING for the last book: my heart is all a-flutter and I’m baking brownies just to calm myself, because food is calming. I’m so close to finishing the series and my squishy heart is breaking a little, but I’ve got a beautiful amount of books itching to be read, so it’s all good! I won’t be turning into a lonely, bookless apple pie anytime soon. On to the review…

And um, to Tartarus with spoilers.

Tartarus (/ˈtɑːrtərəs/; Greek: Τάρταρος Tartaros), in ancient Greek mythology, is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans.

While Percy and Annabeth attempt to close the Doors of Death from the heart of Tartarus itself, the rest of the heroes must battle their way across the Mediterranean to find the House of Hades, a temple in Greece where the mortal side of the Doors of Death is located. This is the only way to stop Gaia from waking, but, for all of the heroes, it is their biggest challenge yet. Without Percy and Annabeth, the crew are struggling on their journey, and must discover more of their hidden powers to face the House of Hades and the monsters awaiting them. Meanwhile, Percy and Annabeth must travel across Tartarus, trying their best to survive each minute, looking into the face of death with almost every step they take. Can the two groups close the Doors from both sides and live to destroy Gaia once and for all?

Wow, where do I start with this book? There is so much character development and the plot is probably the best of all the Heroes of Olympus books and argh this book is perfection. First of all, Percabeth kinda squished my insides a little. I mean, traveling through Tartarus together was kind of a huge step in their relationship, and that’s saying a lot for these two. THEY ARE JUST THE CUTEST. I really enjoyed their POV chapters because, bein’ in Tartarus and all, there was always a lot going on and they were basically fighting monsters all the time, but it wasn’t just crammed full of action; there were also a few cute Percabeth moments and some lovely walking on the skin of the god of damnation. Then there was some absolutely amazing development going on with Hazel. That girl just amazes me peeps. I love how she’s not wimpy – she has such a calm mind and thinks quickly about things. I did feel like her powers matured a bit too quickly, but I can understand that she’s pretty powerful, and you could definitely see that throughout this book. And a round of applause for Frank! He is the sweetest little thing and I’m so proud of him. I wasn’t overly happy about his ‘growth spurt’ and getting abs and stuff. I know it’s kind of a ‘becoming a man’ thing and a blessing from Mars and all that, but I miss teddy bear Frank because I feel like that was actually Frank. However, I do understand that he is a total beast in this as well, and it’s an understandable change. Oh, and Nico? HE IS SUCH A SQUISHY LIL BALL OF SUFFERING AND CUTENESS and even though I already knew the Nico spoiler in this, it still melted and shattered my soul simultaneously with all that stuff about no one accepting him and ARGH I am broken. Also: Jason and Nico are now, like, my fave friendship of the heroes.

Onto the plot, I loved how it was told from all of the seven in this so you could see things from everyone’s brainforests (yes, it’s back) and there was always something going on so it was never boring. I liked seeing Percy/Annabeth’s story in Tartarus and then a completely different plot occurring with the rest of the heroes. THE PLOT WAS PERFECTION BASICALLY. This book is just fabulous and I cannot even contain my squeals for the last one.

Clover count: ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠ (9/10)