Murder! Murder!

Why is this Night Different from all Other Nights? ~ Lemony Snicket

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I’M BACK!!! Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve posted… I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m finally back with a review on the last book in the All the Wrong Questions series by Lemony Snicket. Enjoy!

There’s been a murder on The Thistle of the Valley, the only train that passes through Stain’d-by-the-Sea, and Lemony Snicket is on the case. S. Theodora Markson is the suspect, and yet Snicket believes she has been railroaded – a word which here means framed for murder. There are three witnesses to the crime who Snicket thinks have been blackmailed – a word which here means forced to do something or else something bad will happen to you. And there is a girl on the train, a girl with green eyes below eyebrows curled like question marks and a smile that could mean anything. Somehow it all links back to Hangfire (aka ‘the bad guy’) and Snicket must find a way to stop his evil plan and solve the case. Will he succeed or will Hangfire win and take control over Stain’d-by-the-Sea forever?

This. Book. Is. Amazing. Although I didn’t like the ending (I never seem to like the ending…) the stuff in the middle was really good and at a few points in the book my mouth was gaping with shock or I was wriggling with excitement. I ploughed through this book quite quickly, so I’m sure it won’t ever leave you bored. It’s so good! My favourite character is probably still Moxie Mallahan (she’s been my favourite character throughout the series) but I do like Kellar Haines, and I totally think him and Moxie would be a cute couple! All I can really say is READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW because it was so awesome. But don’t forget to read the first three too! Book 3 is probably my favourite of all of them.

Simi Star rating: **** (4 stars)

P.S. This is my 75th post!

Save our Schools!


Book 3: Shouldn’t You Be In School?

Hi everyone!

Whilst I’m finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I’m going to blog on the third book of the new Lemony Snicket series which came out in September. This one is my favourite of the series so far because it’s a bit longer, meaning there’s more action and lots more people to meet…. (buy the book here)

Lemony’s back and the adventure is more dangerous than ever. Someone’s lighting mysterious fires all over Stain’d-by-the-Sea and Lemony thinks that the local school is next. And there’s something fishy going on too: the people of the town’s Department of Education (that’s built on an old roe house) aren’t helping the school children that are being carted off to a top notch boarding school and being hypnotized.* With the help of some loyal friends he works his way through this big mystery, but will he be able to save all the schoolchildren in Stain’d-by-the-Sea before it’s too late?

A thrilling novel that I couldn’t put down. It was very dramatic, full of surprises and shocks and it kept me interested indeed; I highly recommend it and am very excited for the next one. I like the way that Snicket’s friends all create a sort of organisation of their own and are willing to help him defeat Hangfire. They put themselves in danger just to help him solve the many mysteries of the town and I think that’s a great thing to do if it’s for a good friend.

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

MISSING: Cleo Knight


Book 2: When Did You See Her Last?

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I’m back to the keyboard with my next post on the second book of Lemony’s new series. Sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post but I’ve been very busy filling up on books to blog on. (buy the book here)

I have gathered all the evidence and have worked out the case!! Or just found a speech given by Cleo Knight that explains what half the story is about…… WARNING!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!

‘”You’re a monster,” she said. It was an angry voice and a quiet voice, and it made me flinch. “You drugged my parents until they couldn’t think straight,” she said. “You destroyed the note I left for Zada and Zora. You vandalized my car and lured me into your clutches. You locked me down here and made me work on invisible ink so you could fill this clinic with children and continue your treachery. But that story is over now, Flammarion. You’ll never get your hands on my formula, and I’ll never rest until Stain’d-by-the-Sea is a proper town again.”‘

Kind of scary…… It was hard summarizing this book so I stole this section of the ending instead, which kind of wraps the whole thing up anyway, doesn’t it? Sorry I ruined it but I did warn you.

The real Snicket’s back with another fantastic novel, but it was a little spooky at times. I thinks it’s quite clever how the whole thing pieces together in the end. With the help of a couple of smart and funny friends, old and new, book Snicket knew that it wasn’t just a girl running away to the circus – which is what Theodora believed. What a haircut, a fancy car and a couple of honeydew melons can do these days…..

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)



Probably a stunt double on the cover of that book…

imageA NEW LEMONY SNICKET SERIES: All The Wrong Questions

Book 1: Who Could That Be At This Hour?

Hello everyone!

My mum bought me the first book of Lemony Snicket’s new series and I’ve finished it. I also got the second book from my brother and that’s the next book I’m planning on reading. This is a series about Lemony Snicket himself as a 12 yr old boy who has become an apprentice of a woman named S Theodora Markson…. (buy the book here)

Lemony Snicket and his new chaperone, S Theodora Markson, are having a little holiday at Stain’d by the Sea which is a town that is underwater, but all the water has been drained. An old woman named Mrs Murphy Sallis has been burgled and it’s Snicket and his chaperone who need to steal it back. But when Snicket unexpectedly drops off a wire,* I have no idea how many feet from the ground, everything turns upside down……

Lemony’s off to a good start with his new series and I am very much enjoying it. I like how he’s made the narrator as his younger self, but I doubt that is what really went on when he was 12. Book Lemony is smarter than his chaperone is, and with that skill and knowledge he manages to get to the bottom of the case making lots of new friends which I wish I had. This book might be one of Lemony Snicket’s best! I’ll add it to my top favourite books list right now…..

Simi Star rating **** (4 stars)